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Hey everyone,

For my final year of school studies I'm tasked with investigating the social impact of video game violence. To help with my research, I've formed a survey to test on some gamers. The survey is quick to complete - there's only ten questions. Completing the survey would greatly assist me with my research, and you can find the survey here:


The research is obviously non-profit and for educational purposes only. If this is considered spam or otherwise, I greatly apologise and I will remove the thread ASAP. Thank you in advance, I really appreciate it!

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I really liked that survey, thanks!

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Okay, filled it out. Good luck on the project!

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Done. Good luck with your studies.

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Did the survey. Good luck with your studies : )

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fascinating, hope this helps

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While I very much doubt the OP will actually read this here's some of my thoughts:


. What impact does playing video games have on your academic or social life?

This question or rather the answers are garbage because they conflate the two as though they were equivalent; there's plenty of people that abandon their social lives in favor of academic pursuits and vice versa; so video games being a third wheel here could easily affect one or or the other as opposed to both or the extremely odd "either/or" stipulated in the answers.


. How do you feel after playing a violent video game? (e.g. Relaxed, satisfied, neutral, uptight, stressed, angry)

If the game was enjoyable then I feel good, if it wasn't then I don't; the amount of violence is ancillary. While it can be cool doing something ostensibly violent the violence itself (i.e. prodigious amounts of blood) doesn't actually dictate how cool that action becomes; instead the player's agency in the activity is the primary factor.


How does playing a violent video game impact real life violence for you? I don't believe playing violent video games reduces the impact of real life violence for me.

P's and Q's here, just because I don't have a cathartic release playing video games doesn't mean anything; if I did have such a cathartic release it wouldn't magically free me from a theoretical need to be violent. Zero sum question

Overall a decent enough survey, and who knows if your professor's an idiot he might ignore some of these elements.

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Thanks for the feedback. You make some interesting points and I'll speak with my teacher and see what I should do. I really do appreciate you taking your time to reply, and I'm glad everything else seemed okay at least.

Is the general consensus around here that people drop surveys and run? Just wondering why you thought I wouldn't read what you had to say.

Also, thank you to everyone else that contributed. Your answers really help out.

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@mattastr: Oh I'm just assuming you posted this on 70 different forums, thanks for taking the time to look back at this one.

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Did the survey, good luck! :]

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good luck