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Need help to identify some music from games. Would be great to have the game names or the song names

For tracks that have -number behind, means that they are all tracks of the same game. E.g. Track 74-01, Track 74-02, Track 74-03 means these tracks are from the same game.


Track 74-01:

Track 74-01

Track 74-02:

Track 74-02

Track 74-03:

Track 74-03


Track 75-01:

Track 75-01

Track 75-02:

Track 75-02

Track 75-03:

Track 75-03


Track 100:

Track 100


Track 129:Track 129

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100 sounds familiar, but I've got no clue at all where any of these come from.

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Are you sure they're all from video game soundtracks?

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Yep they are all video games, maybe arcade or some other games. Definitely game tracks though just cant remember off the top of my head =(

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They reek of early 00s Japanese arcade shmup. I have no idea what game. Maybe ask in the shmups.com forum?

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don't exactly have a sound section in shmups.com >.< im not sure

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MediaGo is pretty awesome at identifying music (Videogame music included), so I'd give that a shot if you're feeling desperate.

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Tried the MediaGo > properties> Retrieve information from gracenote database.
All failed. I think these songs are back in the 19s lol. Know of any other identifying softwares ? =X
i have used shazam, soundhound and even MusicBrainz picard. siigh

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Oh god, I have definitely heard 129 somewhere. 74-01 sounds familar as well.

Man, 129 is going to haunt me all day.

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@pezen sorry =X yeah we are all wanting to find out what is that music that is bugging us XD. Hopefully someone knows a good software that can identify lol

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@weekeong: DX-Ball 2! I had totally forgotten about that gamel but that song must have etched itself in my skull playing it. Looking it up on youtube it's all coming back to me again. This certainly is the season for miracles. Thanks for the update, much appreciated!

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I don't know which game it's from, but 75-02's melody is from a russian opera called Prince Igor.

Warren G and Sissel Kyrkjebø did a version of it in the 90's.