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Posting a review, how do I do it? Thank you

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I would like to know as well.  Awesome site!

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please, someone take a minute to enlighten me. i really need to post a bioshock review

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Go to the game site (so search "Bioshock"), then click on "Add your own review" in the lower right hand side.


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cann3dheat, if there is anything i can ever do to repay you just say the word and i will think about it. thanks alot

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No problem. Make sure to post the link to your review here.

Also, read my Mario Kart Wii review and give it props. I haven't checked if you can yet, but you should be able to.

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Ah, hey thanks. Sry for the spam, it'll be off the front page in a few minutes probably.

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Bumping old threads and adding nothing to the discussion is frowned upon here. Be sure to read the Forum Guide & FAQ.

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There was no reason to bump this thread.