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I could be anywhere from a strip club in Las Vegas to a comic book store with a Magic The Gathering tournament going on, from a freestyle jazz poetry open mic night to a Monster Truck rally - if I hear She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult I will forever be cruising down the highway as the sun sets on Vice City.


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I was listening to a lot of rap and hip hop when I was younger, the first genre of music I really got into. I'd made a mixtape of rap songs (I know, whats a cassette tape right?) which I used to listen to all the time. As such I'll always have Tupac's 'I'd Rather Be' and 'Straight Ballin' intertwined with Medal of Honour (the first or Underground) on the PS1. Whenever I hear 'Straight Ballin' an image of a square polygonal hand showing a fake passport to get through enemy guard checkpoints conjures in my mind.

World War II FPS games on Playsation and Tupac, it's what our forefathers fought for right?

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I'm not sure it counts if all the music I listen to actually comes from video games.

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Not music, but I usually listen to the Bomcast while I play, so the episode where Ryan mistakes Bob Hoskins for dead is forever intertwined with the Neverwinter MMO.

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Closer by NIN always reminds me of playing Star Fox at my friends house when we were in middle school.

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I bought Medal of Honor Frontline with some birthday money and also received Blink 182's debut album for said birthday. The two are intertwined in my memory along with needing to weed the garden and eating ice cream cake.

@professoress: Even though I've played a shit tonne of Vice City that particular song reminds me of Gran Turismo 3.

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Closer by NIN always reminds me of playing Star Fox at my friends house when we were in middle school.

Besides that being one of the greatest songs ever written, that is a really weird thing to say

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A few actually...

Nickelback "Too Bad", Halo.

Linkin Park "In The End", Starcraft.

Lumidee "She's Like The Wind", Outpost Kaloki X

.... Dont judge me.

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Back when I was younger, I remember having just gotten a 360 and getting really into achievements. I collected all the collectibles in Just Cause (Yeah...). It took me like 2 weeks, and I just played a classic rock compilation album whenever I played it. So now whenever I hear Rebel Yell, Barracuda, White Wedding, and others, I just think of Just Cause.

Not a song, but I remember having a massive box of those red lip sweets and eating them all over two days playing the 007 everything or nothing game on ps2. Even now, when I see that title screen and hear that theme song, I just feel sick.

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Similar to what @sgtsphynx said, if I hear Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin I immediately think of Left 4 Dead. Many late nights staying up playing L4D and listening to that stuff.

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Whenever I hear "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" from The Offspring I think of the fight against King Allant in Demon's Souls, for whatever reason.

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I can't listen to any of The Black Angels' music without having war flashbacks.

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I've got Justin Timberlake's Justified album tied to my experiences playing Silent Hill 2... That game was far too scary for me at the time when I was about 12, so I would only play it while listening to Justified with headphones on to calm my nerves... Senorita in particular is now forever associated with the jail scene between James and Maria, and Rock your Body, well, that if anything only helped amplify the creepiness of Pyramid Head.

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All the music in Saints Row The Third and IV reminds me of Saints Row: The Third and IV

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I listened to Puscifer's first album while playing through Mass Effect the first time. I always hear it when I play it now.

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The Smiths always make me think of... NFL Street (I first started listening to that band and playing that game at the same time, used the Smiths as the games soundtrack on Xbox.

Metallica reminds me of Battlefield 1942, used to listen to them a lot when I would play that game online.

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For some reason Start Wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello brings back very vivid memories one one specific area of City of Heroes and I have absolutely no idea why. I'm sure I must have listened to it while I was playing since I almost always mute games and listen to my own music, but why it makes me think of that one area in particular, I'm not sure.

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Firestarter and Wipeout XL.

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I could be anywhere from a strip club in Las Vegas to a comic book store with a Magic The Gathering tournament going on, from a freestyle jazz poetry open mic night to a Monster Truck rally - if I hear She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult I will forever be cruising down the highway as the sun sets on Vice City.


That's my fucking jam! When the snare hit at the start comes in I'm just all FUCK YEAH! I think of Gran Turismo 3 when I hear it though because I only had like 3 songs on loop the entire time I played that game so they're ingrained into my mind.

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I've got a few

Deny by default in nhl 2003

Electric Six first album and Time Splitters 2

Andrew WK and Burnout Revenge

Guerilla Radio by Rage Against the machine and Tony Hawk 2

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I swear, this is true: Doom 2 and "Life After Love" by Cher. Reason: I was a pop junkie when that song came out, to an embarrassing degree. To this day I legitimately love a lot of shitty 90s pop. That song came on the radio while I was playing Doom 2 one fine autumn in 1998, and for some reason, my brain made a strong connection between the two. Now I can't play the game without thinking of Cher.

Rob Zombie always makes me think of Twisted Metal... but not for the obvious reason (him being a character in 3). Rather, I was discovering the joys of rock mere months after the previous anecdote, and the friend that introduced me to Hellbilly Deluxe had a PS1, and we played a ton of Twisted Metal 2 while blasting Living Dead Girl and Superbeast.

Another bizarre one: "Mr. Jones" by Counting Crows and Wolfenstein 3D. I have no idea why... I can't recall any correlation at all, but I was pretty young in '93, so yeah.

That's just the tip of the iceberg, too.

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Ummmm biggest ones that always connect for me are

"Fireflies" by Owl City connected to Dragon Age: Origins (in particular reminds me of the Ozhammar/Dwarf level)


"Somebody that I Used to Know" by Gotye and Rayman: Origins. If I hear either of those songs i'm immediately back to playing those games in my mind. Oh and "This is War" by 30 Seconds to Mars and DA:O as well for more obvious reasons (it was the end credits song).

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Primus - Jerry Was a Racecar Driver and THPS Forever

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I played through Marathon Durandal with Underoath's entire "Define The Great Line" album playing in the background. I can't enjoy either without thinking of the other these days.

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Metallicas album Master of Puppets will forever be intertwined with the old PC game M.U.L.E on my parents Commodore 64.

Mario 64 will always be assosciated with the album AEnima from Tool.

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Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories" will always remind me of Persona 4 Arena's Story Mode. The themes for both are so intertwined that to me it's basically that game's soundtrack. Especially the song 'Within' in regards to Labrys.

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@xalienxgreyx: My friend and I were really into NIN when that album came out, and we would listen to it while playing SNES, particularly Star Fox. So much so that it is forever linked in my mind.

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Green Day's "Dookie" and Blind Melon's first album give me Mario Kart flashbacks. Those were the only 2 albums i listened to while playing the shit out of that game.

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I don't know if this technically counts since it was in the game, but on the rare occasions I hear "Isolated" by Chiasm, I'm instantly transported into the night club in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines.

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I listened to a lot of A Perfect Circle while playing World of Warcraft so I can't listen to them without thinking of WoW. Another one is that the Killers' album Day & Age is forever tied to WoW as well, specifically the Outland areas.

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if I hear She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult I will forever be cruising down the highway as the sun sets on Vice City.


i dont know/ remember the song names but the one I do remember was video killed the radio star, but yeah - exactly that for me

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Power and Saints Row: The Third. And with regard to Vice City, Broken Wingsby Mr. Mister.

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This is odd but I will forever associate Silent Hill with It's My Life by Bon Jovi. I hadn't really played many horror games and this was essentially my first. I'm in that damn elementary school and I can't take it anymore (a lot of it had to do with the sound, hissing radio etc...) so I turned the TV volume down and the radio on and Bon Jovi happened to be playing. As stupid as it sounds "This ain't a song for the broken hearted" helped me keep exploring those dark hallways.

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In the winter of '05 (Jan, Feb, we'll say) I would play Halo 2 while blasting Isis and Mastodon. The albums were Panopticon and Leviathan and for whatever reason it put me in a nice, zen-like state.

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Primus - Jerry Was a Racecar Driver and THPS Forever

haha, yeah I get that one too. In fact that entire soundtrack has been burned into my brain.

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@quebec_classique: The same happens to me. I might consider games like Borderlands as having narration by the bombcrew...

Other than that, obviously, Paradise City. Every time I hear that song, I think of DJ Atomika.

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It's Feeder - Buck Rogers for me. Always takes me back to playing Gran Turismo 3 on the PS2.

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1080 snowboarding, and megadeths 'countdown to extinction', are inseparable.

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This song being in Gone Home

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For some reason Porcupine Tree's Mellatron Scratch is inexorably linked with Bioshock 2 for me.

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Any song on the country channel in San Andreas.

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Do non-licensed soundtracks count?

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Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird will forever remind me of flying Shamal's over Las Venturas and the desert in San Andreas.

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World in Conflict - Here I Go Again

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Cheesy but I loved it.

Also Black Hawk Down + Team Sabre, and Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising + Escalation with Linkin Parks' Meteora and Hybird Theory albums.

Highway To The Danger Zone + Ace Combat 6 (because of fucking course I did that), but also a bunch of other songs with that game.

And basically any song from Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row, because I'll fondly remember whichever game whenever I hear a song I recognize.

Edit: Holy shit, I forgot about this one. Audioslave - Shadow on the Sun, World in Conflict

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God, that one is good.

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As if it wasn't bad enough that it comes up in the game far too often, having it hammered into my skull during that TNT was... life-changing.

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@capum15: That cinematic was sweet - I'd forgotten all about it. Thanks for posting it.

As for me, I think the only licensed songs I have that with are the ones on the indie rock station in Forza Horizon. I didn't know any of those songs before playing that game and my Pandora station has recently tried foisting them on my electronica station. Weird and unwelcome, even though I liked them.

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What, you mean you also listened to Justin Timberlake's Justified to help get through Silent Hill 2 when you were 12??

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I always think of Diablo 2 when I hear songs from the Year Zero album by Nine Inch Nails since I listened to it so much while playing.