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i just found this today...........i dont even.........


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You know, old Sonic was kind of unsalvageable. While the proportions and something about the faces on Knuckles and Sonic kinda throw me for a loop, and everyone is mysteriously covered in bandages, I'll see how this thing comes out. It can't be worse than Sonic 06, can it?

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strap in motherfuckers

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Maybe it's because Sonic Generations was my first sonic game, but this looks kinda promising. Not that sure about the character designs though.

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Troy Baker confirmed.


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I like how Knuckles now looks like some sort of 'roided up hulkhog.

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I'm so happy people started a thread about this. Twitter just fucking blew up like an hour ago haha. People's reactions are fantastic.

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@aegon said:

Troy Baker confirmed.

Not as Sonic he isn't, that's still undoubtedly Roger Craig Smith. He probably is in there, though, because of course he is. Whoever said ''this... is paradise'' did sound like him a bit as well, which I would assume was Knuckles speaking.

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Sonic The Hedgehog, the saddest franchise.

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What the FUCK happened to Knuckles?

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@rorie said:


Haters gonna hate!

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@yummylee said:

@aegon said:

Troy Baker confirmed.

Not as Sonic he isn't, that's still undoubtedly Roger Craig Smith. He probably is in there, though, because of course he is. Whoever said ''this... is paradise'' did sound like him a bit as well, which I would assume was Knuckles speaking.

I'm gonna assume that's not him and the voice will be that of the new cartoon. This just seems like an easy way for Sega to get out of that three game exclusivity deal with Nintendo. Pass the tie in game off to a non-Sonic Team developer and then have them work on the next/now gen game.

It doesn't sound like the RCS Sonic voice.

Also, after watching the trailer again and looking at the gameplay while ignoring the hideous designs it seems alright. There definitely seems to be a bigger emphasis on speed, something that was lacking in Lost World.

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@gunstarred: ...Wait, you mean there's a sonic cartoon currently airing??

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You know what, I'll let them try anything at this point.

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@yummylee: Sonic Boom is the name of the new animated show coming in the autumn.

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ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ

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This doesn't look terrible.

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Is this a direct sequel to Sonic 2006 starring their human / animal cross-species offspring?

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@gunstarred: lol wow. No better time than any to get Sonic back into all the medias! Sonic toys with every happy meal! Gritty Knuckles direct-to-DVD origin story! Tails-themed roller blades!

...And I'm now out of sonic characters I could actually name without a google.

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Poor Knuckles. :( He need to be put into rehab, not another Sonic game where his steroid abuse will only get worse.

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The big intimidating baddie at the end is a metal sand worm.

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Co-Op Sonic seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

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What the FUCK happened to Knuckles?

He made all kiiinds of gainzzz, all kiiinds.

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I wore a scarf today when I walked out in the sub-zero temps. Because I like adventure!

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@forcen said:

Looked worse in the trailer.

LOL! I can't get over how they redesigned knuckles, he looks stupid as fuck.

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Loading Video...

That's it! I'm FED UP with you Sonic haters! I needed to finally respond to you FRICKS!

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Lay off the juice knuckles and Sonic stole Nathan Drakes scarf!

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Knuckles looks so funny. There was a time when he and sonic were roughly the same size and build.

Maybe they'll sell classic knuckles as dlc.

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sonic has drakes scarf from uncharted 3 and also why would you put bandages on your shoes are they hurt?

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@forcen: Yeah, it definitely does look worse in the trailer. Aside from maybe Knuckles, I'm alright with the way they look on that poster.

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@gunstarred: I don't think "potentially fucked up the Sonic franchise again" qualifies as an easy contract out. Sega is obviously banking on this reboot doing something positive for the franchise; not just shitting out any old game to satisfy a contract. The question is if, between this game and the new cartoon, is it a direction that people will appreciate?

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So the Sonic series can, depressingly, continue to be a part of the pantheon of things that I pretend no more were made of following the year 1999 along with The Simpsons.

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What. Why? Oh right, because Sonic is for children who don't know any better at this point, that's why.

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@hailinel: I'd like to think Sega thought Lost World was going to do something good with the franchise. This and that must have been in development at the same time. Their focus now might be on making this the Sonic to care about, but I assume they expected Lost World to be the direction the core series would take. This is from a new developer (I assume the 3DS version is why the Sanzaru logo is on the trailer) and is very much a tie-in for the cartoon. I won't be surprised to see that the next game from Sonic Team will be built on the good intentioned, but poorly implemented ideas in Lost World.

I don't know. Ignoring the designs it seems ok, but like all Sonic games it's very easy to make this flashy and colourful thing look good with a couple of minutes of quick cuts. I'd like this to be good, but Lost World really was my biggest disappointment last year after all of the early buzz. I don't care for the cartoon, but it's very hard to be all that enthusiastic about something you have cared for for a long time that they keep messing up... even after making a couple of good decisions a handful of years ago.

Maybe a fresh set of minds will be the answer.

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In the 2d images everyone looks mostly fine, bar Knuckles. In the actual video everyone looks kinda godawful. And the music choice just immediately made me start laughing. So used to hearing it used for parodies at this point.

Still, there have been worse redesigns. Spyro for example.

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The only Sonic Boom that should exist is the intro to Sonic CD.

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@darkvare said:

sonic has drakes scarf from uncharted 3 and also why would you put bandages on your shoes are they hurt?

Had to tape 'em closed after they broke apart from going TOO FAST.

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These are the kind of days I miss Ryan his absolutely incredulous response to this news today would be golden.

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I have to confess, Sonic Boom is a decent name.

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Mannnn that Knuckles redesign. It's like they all came back from their 7th grade summer vacation and Knuckles was the only one that hit his growth spurt and now he's going to be the starting fullback because nobody can tackle him.

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We're all terrible people. Times change, the things we love die. This looks totally fine. It's not going to change the world but it looks to be a more than serviceable new TV show for a character that was in some cool games once. My greatest hope is that this is successful enough that Sega can continue to make a profit year over year and grow to live up to their name again. With new properties and games for people to love.

I'm glad they're doing this.

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Sonic Vs. Street Fighter... confiiiiirmed?