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So as a public service on another site I've been reviewing a current crossover between the 2 titular gaming characters of SEGA and Capcom, Published by Archie Comics they've been Publishing Sonic Comics for 20 years and Mega Man for the last couple.

So far it's been pretty excellent, funny, funny and action packed the thing is i find not enough people are talking about this and I think they should, why?

Whether you trade or decide to track down the issues (the above is from Sonic the Hedgehog 250), it's perfect for fans of either franchise.

Well, what do you guys think? Interested? Anyone else reading? Wondering how this could work as a game? Share.

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I'm too busy watching my The Flintstones meet The Jetsons VHS tape to care about YOUR silly crossover.

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The Megaman/Sonic Crossover comic is awesome :D
I can't wait for Part 12

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Is that Silver the Hedgehog right in the center? I thought they got rid of him because that one game he was in was the worst.