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I've been thinking about this since the end of Sony's presser: What will Microsoft focus on with their presser? Sony essentially did what most people didn't expect, they talked about games and broke down the new features and hardware of the new system. The streaming stuff, (Netflix, Hulu etc.) was given a five second video on a screen almost as an aside. Everyone already knows they're going to be on next consoles so why spend time talking about it?

Microsoft, on the other hand, I can see them spending a similar length of time talking about the new X box being the central hub of your entertainment world. Essentially they'd be selling us on the X Box being a replacement for our cable box. How do you think that will resonate after Sony's presser?

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They're going to force Windows 8 / "Modern" UI stuff down our throats.

and if they want to be our entertainment hubs I sure as hell hope the Netflix app on the Nextbox is actually worth using...

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it's just gonna be allot of talk about kinect 2 and a lot of talk about Call of doody exclusive dlc, and how its better with kinect.

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Who Knows, they already have (Fios, ATT Uverse and every streaming service imaginable) I Think they'll go all out with games. RARE title for sure.

And that RARE title will be called Kinect Sports Season 3.

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Almost everything else connected to your TV (and including the TV) runs Netflix just fine. Netflix support is very commodity now where we expect things to "Supports HDMI" and "Has Netflix". No one is interested in hearing about the details on HDMI ports and likewise no one is interested in hearing the details about Netflix beyond "Does it have it? Yes/No".

If Microsoft wants the "nextbox" to be an entertainment hub they need to work on general support. I could not get my XBox 360 to work correctly with any other source except for WMP let alone hiding behind Gold subscription services. It will never be an entertainment hub if it can't support "plug and play" where the most configuration PS3 or my TV asked for was the network.

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I think Microsoft will push the casual angle from the beginning of next generation.

I think we will see a lot of online community and social hooks of the next system, and if they present anything prior to e3 it's going to be light on games, they will probably just show a bunch of developer logos.

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Not games.

Microsoft doesn't want none of that shit.

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@toowalrus: That would be shitty, I'd like a Banjo or at least a new title.


Jet Force Gemini

That RARE is dead.

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Microsoft is dropping out of the console hardware business. You heard it here first.