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Just got a new debit card a few days ago since my old one was expiring; neither on the PSN website nor actually using the console will it let me utilize it for whatever reason; works fine on several other sites. It just says my card number isn't valid.

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Typical $ony!

Seriously though, as terrifying as it is to speak to a live person I'm sure if you called them you would get this sorted out really quickly.

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Well it would be a good way to curb spending as a frugal person; I did kind of want to download CvS2 though. Spelunky could wind up being my last purchase; a game which I am not extremely bullish on but enjoy nonetheless.

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Bump, made a thread on their support forums and got no response; huzzah.

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Well I don't know why you bumped this thread, we can't help you here, just call customer support or something duder.

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@fredchuckdave: Stupid question, but this is what my problem was. Did you change your address on your bank account?

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Brad had a similar issue recently. Apparently putting the Apt. number on the 2nd address line when entering the card info fixed the issue.

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When I got a PSP and wanted to setup my credit card it wouldn't take until the info was exactly the same as the card info.

For me it was my name on the card: all caps and I think middle initial with period (I can't remember exactly, too many years since)

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@tearhead: Yeah I tried that, didn't work either. Suppose I could try again with the inbetween address.

It worked! You're a hero sir. I wish there was a "worst answer" or "completely useless" button for @jking47 though :( Many thanks to the rest.