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The Internet lives on <3

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I don't believe it.

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Thank god, people that don't understand the internet should really not be allowed to govern it, at least there is someone in the white house with a bit of sense at least.

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It is rather surprising isnt it? Politicians doing something the people want them too? no wai D:

anyway i would like to say one more thing: VICTORY!

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This was huge news 30 hours ago. Today? Not so much.

See Yesterday's threads for more reactions.

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Thank god.

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Shelved? No, more like postponed. This just means people need to be just as vigilant as the vote has just been pushed back for a time.

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Only to make way for PIPA. Don't break out the bubbly just yet.

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Don't relax yet, PIPA is still alive and well.

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@The_Laughing_Man said:

We know

ah so a minor victory. Typicall

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No it hasn't. Well it has, but PIPA still exists and it's the exact same thing. This thread is a perfect example of how that technique works: Create 2 bills, if there's backlash, one fails, while the other slips on by.

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huh. Clever.

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I am apparently ignorant as you people have gladly showed me. Yes SOPA is delayed for review but PIPA might still go trough.

I dont know enough about this, i just thought about sharing the "happy" news.

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They shat themselves briefly at the thought of not being able to look shit up on Wikipedia, but that will only hold them at bay temporarily.

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I recently got banned from the Escapist.



Anyway, this is awesome. I hate to be a naysayer but this PIPA bill seems to be the exact same thing and people are going to be too busy celebrating to pay attention.

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"Suspended" doesn't really qualify as a victory in my eyes. That implies that it isn't dead, but just waiting to come back later. The legislation needs to be completely abandoned. When that happens I'll be okay with claiming victory. Let's not forget that we still have PIPA on the horizon as well.

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WOOO! Time to celebrate!

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This was posted yesterday, so I am guessing that it would be more of a big deal if it had gone all together.

I thought that it had just been sent to be re-evaluated as there was not a consensus.

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Now to celebrate with a pirated bottle of champagne, before watching copious amounts of pirated porn.

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Don't celebrate yet. PIPA is still very much alive.