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I am canceling my subscription to giant bomb . The content just isn't there for me to keep paying 5 bucks a month . And I don't know what it is about the videos but I can never just stream them . They constantly have to buffer . This does not happen to me with other sites video. I like the crew but I don't see the value in the "premium" content.

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Thanks for sharing these invaluable words.

Now if you just made it as a blog post and not as a GD topic, that would be even better.

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Have you made a post in the bugs forum about the buffering thing?

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And it's asshole members like you . Nice and smug aren't you . Well have fun being a giant bomb forum expert maybe one day you'll suck the right dick and they'll make you a mod and you coul just delete this post

Assholes? I won't deny that.

Do you really need to announce that you're cancelling your subscription, though? That in and of itself is something of an asshole move, and we keep fucking seeing it every time someone announces that they're tired of the site and want to go somewhere else. Neither of you come across as less of an asshole.

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Yeah laughing man I did . I also wrote a e-mail about it. And that rude comment I made wasn't towards you .

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Yeah believer I did want to announce it . I understand it is kind of stupid , sorry .

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It's your money to do with what you will, but this is a pretty unnecessary thread.