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I am canceling my subscription to giant bomb . The content just isn't there for me to keep paying 5 bucks a month . And I don't know what it is about the videos but I can never just stream them . They constantly have to buffer . This does not happen to me with other sites video. I like the crew but I don't see the value in the "premium" content.

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Thanks for sharing these invaluable words.

Now if you just made it as a blog post and not as a GD topic, that would be even better.

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Have you made a post in the bugs forum about the buffering thing?

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Yeah laughing man I did . I also wrote a e-mail about it. And that rude comment I made wasn't towards you .

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Yeah believer I did want to announce it . I understand it is kind of stupid , sorry .

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It's your money to do with what you will, but this is a pretty unnecessary thread.