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Hey guys and gals of GiantBomb :)

Today I decided to record myself playing Mission: Impossible for the NES in a Amateur Encyclopedia Bombastica way. I decided against calling it that flat out 'cause I'm still unsure on who 'gets' to make those (though I suppose everyone could? I dunno. I'd love to know.)

I decided to do this because after cataloging my collection of games I felt inspired to do something with the (if I do say so myself) gigantic list of games. It's here by the way, if you'd like to post a suggestion. If you do, bear in mind I'd rather show the pre-PSX era right now, since my current capture card is a piece of poo. Low resolutions and such.

Anyway, hope you like it, constructive criticism is appreciated!

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Do you have a link to the list of games you own so we can suggest some of them for you to play? :)

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