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As title says, I still can’t decide on what version I should get it on.

Few things I like about the 360 is well achievements and Yoda and probably a better online experience.
PS3 has a great controller for fighting games and Darth!!!

arrrgh can’t decide!!!!

What are you guys getting it on with multi consoles?

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The dualshock has a better D-pad so Ill go with that.

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I'll probably get it for the xbox360, seeing as most of my friends own a xbox360. I doubt any of the friends on my psn list will be playing this much.

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Will you be playing it online?

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I am getting the ps3 version both are good

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PS3 version for me!!  Vader FTW!!  besides that i only own a PS3,  so that might have something to do with it.

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I'm going for the PS3 version, I don't like playing fighting games on the 360 controller, just my preference... but I do want to try out Yoda someday

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The 360 controller is horrid for fighting games. But there are some decent 3rd party controllers you can look into with a decent d-pad.

I guess it does depend on the character you like more, Yoda vs Darth, plus I think both games will sell enough that there will be plenty of people to play with online.

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if I pick it up, I'll go for the 360 because thats where a majority of my friends are. that bothers me to a certain extent because Vader > Yoda. Has there been any confirmation about being able to download Vader on the 360?

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I'll probably pick up the ps3 version just for the controller.I find its better for fighting games.

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I have no problem with the 360 controller. I even prefered playing with the analog stick on the Dreamcast version.

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PS3 for two reasons, the controller (mainly the d-pad) and...Vader!

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I am not 100% on getting the game yet. But I am leaning towards it. If I do get it, it will certainly be the PS3 for 2 reasons. 1) Is Vader 2) My 360 bricked a while ago and I am planning to replace it some point soon but it'll be a while since I just bought a new laptop and I am broke now :(  because of that so I guess I have no choice.

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PS3 version is what im getting

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This is a tough choice, I like the fact that both games have a Star Wars character in them but I'm disappointed that they both don't exist in the same game. I'll probably end up getting the 360 version due to XBL support and most of my friends have 360's.

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360 because I dont have a PS3.

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360 for me cause i don't own a ps3, i don't really have a preference though.

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PS3 because Vader>Yoda

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I wanna say that Namco will eventually release Vader and Yoda to download for the other platform, though nothing has been confirmed yet, it would seem silly to not let people engage in such an epic battle.

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tokyochicken said:
"I'll probably pick up the ps3 version just for the controller.I find its better for fighting games.
If I get it, this.  But only after I upgrade the HDD, my 60GB is running low on space.  These mandatory installs are killer, and SC4 has a beefy one itself, on top of my impending 9GB download of Siren....
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After seeing them show it off at E3 i prefer yodas super lighting double super fast speed preferd to the zombie speed of Darth so yeh 360 for me.

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I don't understand why they have to limit characters to one system...

Yoda looks so badass, but then again i like to use the dpad and PS3 has a great controller. Vader looks fine, but not as fun as Yoda.

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PS3 because d-pad + DARTH VADER (!).

Funny how 360 owners (no PS3) will say 360 version for Yoda, even if they might actually like Darth Vader instead... Who are you kidding DV is so bad ass. :D

Either ways its a great games, but Vader and d-pad make a difference.

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