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Do you have another audio cable to try out? Often those things tend to short out and one or both channels will die because of the loose connection.

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Now, the other day I sent my brother to get a 3.5mm cable because the one in our car had died and was only playing 1 channel. he came back with another and we had the same problem. We concluded that the jack in the car was broken and were displeased.

It wasn't until 2 days later when I was throwing away the box that I noticed that it was a mono cable. My brother was given a hard time.

If the end of your cable has 3 metal sections then it's stereo, if it only has 2 then it's mono. What say you?

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@AndrewB: No I've been using the one I currently have since I first started connecting my TV to my PC, you think its worth just biting the bullet and getting a new one?

An RCA 6ft stereo cable is a bit north of $3 shipped for me from Monoprice (the actual cable is 85 cents). If you have a local shop that's cheaper, even better. Couldn't hurt in your quest to narrow down the cause.

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Is it an Etch-A-Sketch TV? You have to shake it to reset the settings.