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First of all: who? And second: why should I care?

Basically. I understand the defensiveness but these are people talking about things they don't really care about to people who also don't care. That some of these sites are even mentioning him at all is baffling.

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It was sleep apnea, I'm pretty sure. So....

What is this spill thing?

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What the fuck is Spill.com ? and please don't answer this question.

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He didn't really though.

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I'm sure they didn't mean it, but that is a very crass thing to say live on a podcast. There's a fine line between "I'm just lightening the mood" and "I'm going to off-the-cuff joke about the life of somebody who currently mourning the tragic death of her husband".

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Sounds more like stupidity than malice to me.

not cool either way.

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@jouseldelka said:

I agree that since they had little to work with and had little to no knowledge of Ryan, they shouldn't have exactly assumed it was his weight and started telling people to watch their health.

However, WE have been watching this guy in videos for years, we've seen him sweat and lose breath and struggle to move, so in my belief it is our DUTY to take note of his weight and wake up and realize that obesity is not just a thing that you ignore.

I don't know what took his life and neither do you, but as fans and followers we know that it was probably the number 1 cause, and we shouldn't ignore that. It's NOT disrespectful to be aware of these things and to discuss them maturely.

May he rest in peace, and like I said in another thread, he will be my motivation to remain in shape for years to come. I'll remember his loving face and warm humor and then get off my ass and run around the block.


To the people who mention sleap apnea as the likely cause for his passing: an unhealthy lifestyle (overweight, smoking etc) increases the risk of developing the condition significantly.

I loved the big guy but I also wished for a long time that he would get a little healthier. :(

edit: Sorry, I also think it's too soon to speculate on such things. The actual cause might, of course, be totally unrelated to any of this. We don't know, and we don't need to know. My apologies if I sounded disrespectful.

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As a man who frequents both Spill and Giantbomb, this thread is definitely seem to be an overreaction. Two guys who did not know who Ryan Davis reported his passing, like two guys who did not know him and had no cause of death. Both guys seemed distant about his passing ,but seemed dishearten by the news. One guy made a bad joke to lighten the mood. Was the off collar joke in poor taste? Sure, but I'm not going to make a blog post and shit all over an entire website because of it.

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@jouseldelka said:

I agree that since they had little to work with and had little to no knowledge of Ryan, they shouldn't have exactly assumed it was his weight and started telling people to watch their health.


Or better yet, if they had little to no knowledge of Ryan, they probably shouldn't have talked about it at all. Or if they felt the need to, they should have kept it short.

I've never liked Spill from what I've seen in the past, and this certainly doesn't do anything to help my perception of them.

Yep. I hadn't listened to the podcast so maybe shame on me (haha), but it sounds like morning radio garbage where they have to comment on every little story without any knowledge or expertise. And I am fully aware of the irony in that statement.

Also, how many awful names did they go through before settling on Spill?

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@wjb said:

Also, how many awful names did they go through before settling on Spill?

"We need a name that says pop culture opinion hub.......I know! FARTSACK.COM.....Oh, it's taken? Ok, I'll just name it after the next thing I do after pouring this glass of MTN DEW WHITE ICE BLAST"

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If people are not going to Spill.com because of this... What an overreaction, lol. That crew is great and you're missing a lot of good content. Sucks for you then...

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In other news you can buy fartsack.com from go daddy for $17500.

I vote we pitch in to buy it to honor ryan's memory

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if spill.com made a large donation to the "ryan davis presents fartsack.com" memorial fund, I might consider going to their website

large cash donation

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So Cyrus brought up Ryan again on todays Daily Spill. He apologized for his joke about Ryans wife, and he was sorry that some people might have taken it seriously, he meant it as a joke. He also specifically made a point not to apologize about commenting on Ryans weight. He points out that they never said anything nasty aside from commenting on his weight and his well known unhealthy life style. He further went on to point out that Cyrus himself is overweight and unhealthy, as he mentioned in the original podcast, and again reminded people that maybe we should all take the opportunity to look at ourselves.

Honestly I think this has all been totally blown out of proportion. None of this is disrespectful or mean.

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People defending this behaviour are crazy. Regardless if you know someone or not, making assumptions about them after they had just passed away is extremely disrespectful. It may not have had malicious intent but that does not change the fact that their comments were uncalled for.

Reflecting on your own life is something people do all the time when someone they know (and care about) dies. However, I do not think that we need someone telling us that this is a lesson to watch our own health. The man died in his thirties, how about we say something nice about him or if you don't know him then don't say anything. A simple stating of his death and that it is a total travesty would have been a much better response. At most, they could have said something along the lines of: "Man, it really makes you think about your own life..." This is a simple statement that pushes the self-reflection angle without sounding too preachy.

Look at pretty much every other mention of Ryan's death. None of them stated that we should watch our own health. Rather, they commented on the man's life and mourned the fact that it was taken from him so early. Listen to the most recent Bombcast, that is a eulogy done right. Obviously, it was 2 hours long because all the commenters had a close relationship with Ryan. It's pretty simple. Remember and cherish the person and don't get on your soapbox (I realise they didn't really get on a soapbox but it was definitely borderline).

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Ryan was amazing human being, period. End of story.

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Look at pretty much every other mention of Ryan's death. None of them stated that we should watch our own health. Rather, they commented on the man's life and mourned the fact that it was taken from him so early. Listen to the most recent Bombcast, that is a eulogy done right.

First, those are Ryans closest friends and people who loved him the most, and they were all EXTREMELY able and willing to joke about Ryan and tell stories about how unheathly he could be and how much fun he could have. You think Hollywoodlife.com loved Ryan?

A podcast from another site that doesn't have much to do with Ryan took the time to give him a lovely shout out, and at the end put in a positive message that we should all take this horrible, shitty loss to take another look at ourselves. You can think it's disrespectful all you want. It's not coming from a bad place, and if you have a problem with it that's on you.

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I think we all had crazy speculation in our heads when we all got the bad news of Ryan's passing. I do not think the spill guys were trying to be malicious, they were just saying slightly insensitive speculative comments.

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Good on Cyrus for responding to this thread and recognising his own health issues on the last Daily Spill.

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Recently the CDC officially defined obesity as a "disease". So when I meet fat people now, I'm going to ask them how long they've been ill.

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Just seems like a lot of overreaction to me.

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All of us knew being fat was unhealthy and dangerous before this tragic event and I'm sure we're all fully aware still. We just found out maybe three days ago. I'm still grieving from the announcement. Why do people on the Internet have to analyze everything? Just let it be. Anybody who turns this into a preach fest and/or has ugly speculation on the matter can just fuck off.

Edit: If my reaction is too intense, I apologize. The sadness and grief over ryan's passing still feels raw.

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exactly, who gives a fuck, no need to mine for this shit, these assholes are 'D' grade in the school of podcasting.

always gonna be idiots on the internet, best to rise above it and not react. i doubt they have 1% of the knowledge of the Baller Taswell that we do. thats why it is hitting me hard so much. and so i see this shit, or dicks who troll and then i know it doesn't matter. i watched How To Build A Bomb from part 1 and never stopped watching these duders since.

these reprobates reacting to "industry news" can do what they like, its all disconnected hearsay.

LOVE RYAN DAVIS, LOVE GIANT BOMB, its all that matters!

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Ok BigJaffa is trying to blow this up into something it's not. Put away your gats boys.

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There is a tactful method to discuss this and a gauche, insensitive way of talking about it. I don't feel that bringing up the topic of Ryan's weight, and how it may have contributed to his premature death, should be taboo, but a respectful tone is imperative.

I don't have time to listen to this podcast and determine which side of the line it falls on. I don't think the topic is off-limits.

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Oh, thank god for spill.com (whoever the fuck they are). I mean, if there's one thing that fat and/or unhealthy people don't know -- it's that they're fat and/or unhealthy and that they should do something about it. I mean, really, thank god for all the busy-body self-righteous slender people out there who make it their daily business to constantly comment on or to unhealthy people (okay, let's admit it -- it's usually only fat people -- they don't give a shit if you're doing smack or anorexic). If it weren't for them, all these unhealthy fat people (like myself -- though a former accomplished athlete who spent 60hrs per week practicing, working out, and traveling and competing in tournaments for fifteen straight years) would never realize just how fat and shitty they are. I mean, holy shit, spill.com and the world full of rude busy-bodies are truly saving our lives by letting us know how fat and gross and unhealthy we are and that society despises our very existence. They should be given congressional medals, for fuck's sake!