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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows of a podcast that does consistent spoilercasts? They're something I really enjoy that Giant Bomb doesn't really do. I've been listening to Cain & Rinse ever since I saw it mentioned on another thread and I enjoyed when Joystiq did them before their complete format change. Any help finding some good ones would be appreciated!

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I wish the duders here would do more. Some of my favorite podcasts from them are spoilercasts. The Giant Snakecast might be my favorite bombcast, and I didn't even play all of MGS4, or any other MGS game.

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yes they should do it more often. Not sure why they don't. Probably because they don't play games the same way anymore. They're more into dl games and ios and skip a bunch of AAA releases if they're not the one reviewing it or they don't have to for GoTY.

It makes for very good content but there's only about 4 or 5 in existense excluding GoTY stuff. Last one they did was on portal 2 and it was more of a post mortem/interview with the develloper. Truely a shame.

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It's not so easy to get that kind of content from game journalists due to everyone usually playing a different game every week.

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Gamespot's Resident Evil spoiler cast was pretty good and Brad was on that.. But I do dig the more indepth discussion, the reason I love the end of the year podcasts, well that and the fighting..

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I agree that I'd love to hear the guys do some more spoilercast, but yeah, I totally get why they don't (Logistics are probably a nightmare). I am really excited for Patrick's VLR spoilercast/video, can't wait to watch that.

As far as other podcasts, these are the ones I know of:

The Player One podcast does spoiler sections sometimes, and they recently did a full spoilercast on The Walking Dead.

The Gamers with Jobs podcast also does spoiler sections occasionally. Most recently was The Walking Dead and Dishonored.

Rebel FM used to do a "Game Club" spoilercast (which was a continuation of the 1up FM game club) that was really good. Sadly they stopped doing them, but the archived shows are still great. Some of my favorites are: Heavenly Sword, Hitman: Blood Money, Bully, Call of Cthulhu, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (1up FM), Psychonauts (1up FM and Tim Schafer made a guest appearance)

Another group that does game club-like spoilercasts: The Squadron of Shame. These guys are somewhat infrequent, but their casts are really good:

http://squadronofshame.wordpress.com/category/squadcast-episodes/ (Note: Most of the Spoilercasts are at the very bottom of the page.) Some of my favorites: Persona 3, Silent Hill 2, Yakuza, Okami, The Fallout Series

Anyway, I'm very curious to see what others recommend. I really like spoilercasts as well.

Update: Also thank you for mentioning Cain & Rinse, just looked them up and they seem to be totally up my alley.