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I grew up playing the old EA sports games on my SNES but I never got into sports games past that. Since they are so annualized they drop in price pretty fast and was wondering if anyone could suggest some of the best sports games of the past few years that someone who has no interest in sports can enjoy. Looking to spend no more then $10-$15 on these things and was thinking of sticking to Hockey, Football and maybe trying some MMA game. Are there any ones of the past few years that should be avoided? One a few years back that's better then the newer ones?

EDIT: Just thought I would let you folks know that I ended up going with NHL 11, NBA 2K11 and Backbreaker. Thanks for the pro tips.

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There was a UFC game for the Dreamcast that I really liked. I guess that's not that helpful is it >_>

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The 2K hockey and basketball games from 2010 and 2011 are both top-shelf, even if you're not into basketball. Madden is such a weird franchise to get into that it's not very friendly to newcomers. There's just so much esoteric nonsense to wrap your mind around that just coming to it for football is a bad experience. The UFC licensed games (Undisputed, etc) are pretty robust and interesting games. I know Jeff was really into them. FIFA's been an excellent product going as far back as FIFA 2010 (the 2009 release). Seriously, though, I'd steer clear of Madden/NCAA if you've never been into them. There's just such a weird list of legacy design decisions that can just be baffling nonsense to someone who hasn't had to put up with frustrating bullshit in those games for decades. Anyway, my suggestions are NBA 2K11, NHL 2K11, FIFA 2010, and UFC Undisputed. Hope that narrows it down some.

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I never liked sports but I loved the old SSX games, mostly because they lacked any sort of realism and never attempted to emulate actual snowboarding. Instead they're just kind of racing games with crazy courses where you must flip out to gain boost.

It's not really what you asked for, but there you go.

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I only like sports games when they are unrealistic. Mario tennis is a good example.

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You can get the new SSX for something like $15 used on Gamefly and that game is amazing. And since you're looking for a football game, then NFL Blitz on XBLA/PSN is $15.

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Cyberball is good if you can find it.

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NBA Jam. It maintains that classic gameplay with a few new additions. I don't follow basketball, but I loved me some NBA Jam.

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The only sports game that I've enjoyed this generation is MLB The Show and up until 2 years ago I had gone a decade without watching a baseball game. It's a good game, not just a good sports game.

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I like how only 3 people even bothered to mention sports games.

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NBA Jam is a terrific example. I've been trying to get into basketball games with the 2K titles, but so far it hasn't clicked. Jam, however, is arcadey as fuck and really fun. Playing with American politicians never gets old.

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Mario Smash Football on the Gamecube is the greatest football game of all time.

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NBA Jam is a good choice, even if you're not into basketball.

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I really loved the NBA Street franchise and I hate watching basketball.   

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The EA NHL games are the best sports games out there right now. Can't go wrong with those.

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The recent NHL games are really good sports games for people who hate sports.  I don't like watching hockey, but I love playing those games.  At it's core, it's just fun skating around the ice with your created character.  Plus, the game has a somewhat deep (somewhat...) RPG element to it when it comes to items and such.   
The newer NHL games will be expensive but you could probably get NHL 11 (which was a very good installment) for cheap.

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or - the greatest sports game ever: NHL 94.

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NBA Street, SSX, and NBA Jam can all definitely have non-sports fan appeal.

The Hot Shots and Tiger Woods franchises are also pretty easy for people that don't care about sports to get into.

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  • Super Sidekicks (Neogeo)
  • Soccer Brawl (Neogeo)
  • Virtua Striker 3 (Gamecube)
  • International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (Snes/Genesis)
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I would stay away from the last few Madden and NCAA games. Everything they've added the last couple of years has made those games worse.

I've been on run of only getting one sports game a year and then spending an ungodly amount of time on it. Last year was FIFA 12 and the year before was NBA 2k11. Both are solid games.

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NBA Street
Mutant League Hockey
Mutant League Football

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I can't say enough how awesome NBA 2K11 is.

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Gotta recommend the EA NHL games. That, or NBA Jam.

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Backbreaker? I dunno, I really liked Tackle Alley or whatever, and the game still animates better than fucking Madden ever has, even with Madden trying desperately to make it's action look half way decent. It also plays from a somewhat different perspective as I remember, more traditional to video games.

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NBA Street and FIFA. I have friends at school who hate soccer, but they play FIFA all the time.

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Mutant League Football and Hockey?

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NCAA 12 is on sale for 10 dollars at Bestbuy, which is pretty good if you haven't played one in awhile.

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NBA Street Vol. 2 is the only answer.

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NBA Street fans! Yeah! Where were you guys when I made my thread a month ago?

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I like NBA jam and older tony hawks pro skater games. I'm assuming racing games aren't considered sports so I'll leave it with those two.

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Gotta mention Deathrow for the original Xbox.

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Does Blood Bowl count as a sports game?

If not then it should count. 
That game is fun
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I'm not a huge fan of sports games but I usually buy one set of sports games a console generation. I can recommend MLB 11 The Show, EA MMA, NBA2K12, and EA NHL 12. The 2012 editions might still be too expensive for you so maybe wait until the 2013 versions are out so the old ones drop like a rock in price.

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Gotta mention Deathrow for the original Xbox.

Weird, I was just talking with my buddy about Deathrow yesterday for the first time in like seven or eight years. I really enjoyed it back in the day.

Anyway, I gotta throw a vote in for the Skate franchise. I've never given a shit about actual skating in any capacity, but after a friend showed me the original 360 demo of the first game years ago, I ended up absolutely loving it, buying it and playing the crap out of it.

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I hate watching sports, but I still enjoy a game of Madden/NCAA. I don't really think there's a correlation between the two. After twenty or so games, you basically teach yourself what all the plays and rules of the game are.

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NBA Jam best fits your description, but the aforementioned games like NHL and NBA 2K are good choices as well.

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@BBAlpert said:

Does Blood Bowl count as a sports game?

It damn well better

@Vincenzo said:

Gotta mention Deathrow for the original Xbox.

Oh man, Deathrow was fantastic back in the day. I just wish It had had Xbox Live at the time, it actually might have had a proper following.

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Just thought I would let you folks know that I ended up going with NHL 11, NBA 2K11 and Backbreaker. Thanks for the pro tips.