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having played trough some off last generations games on xbox ps2 and gamecube i noticed alot of them looked a bit rough still played great but aged terribly . i recently picked up a gamecube with couple of games again some of them were a bit shitty looking bought windwaker having not picked it up trough ignorence when it was first released and i have to say it looks stuning even full screen it looks better than some current gen stuff same go's for shadow of colossus the hd version looks pretty but the original on it hardware still is a gem so what games do u think stood the test of time

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gameplay or visually?

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2D games always hold up better than 3D games. At least in my opinion.

I can't stand re-playing a game like FF8, but I can play LoZ:aLttP all day without being bothered by the graphics.

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gameplay or visually?

This is what I want to know as well. If we're talking about pure gameplay I am just going to throw out Gunstar Heroes. I played it for the first time in my life last year as part of a sega collection I bought on Steam and was absolutely blown away by it. The controls were perfect and the difficulty was paced well, and even when you died the checkpoint system was very nice so you didn't lose much progress. I pretty much refuse to believe that game is nearly 20 years old given how good it plays. It really puts to shame a lot of similar games around the same age.