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Can someone help me and tell me which one is the best? 

(Oh, and please, if you don't like the game just don't post at all... Because I am sure I'm going to buy one of those two... thank you.)
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(Huh, Im sorry, I made two topics... Can someone delete one?)
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PM a mod. Example: MB, Hamz, CitizenKane.

And why are you buying the game now? II is 3 years old!

Anyway I suggest two...

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Because I love Star Wars and I love RPGs aswell, and for what I've seen this one is the best game made so far... 

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KOTOR1 is the best by far (in my opinion), but I do think that #2 was really good as well. I would recommend you just play both...KOTOR1 first and KOTOR2 second.

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kotor 1 is by far superior. mostly because kotor 2 contradicts kotor 1s story so much and has no real epic "OMG!" moments like in kotor 1 where you *spoilers*... kotor 2 is better gameplay wise i suppose but still falls short of the original.

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I agree with Kush, the first KotOR is by far the better game. To be honest, you can't go wrong with either.

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Im very sorry, but deciding between the two is impossible for me.

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As a fan, you are obligated to play through both.  One is better, but two is just as fun.

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I would play KOTOR 1 first, if only because of chronological reasons.  You'll spoil some of the events of KOTOR 1, if you play 2 first.  I think they are pretty similar in enjoyment, with the edge going to 1 for some of its epic moments.  Playing them both on the PC, I had more bugs with KOTOR 2, but YMMV, especially if you play it on the Xbox.

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KOTOR 1 is better overall, but KOTOR 2 is more open in terms of character and party and weapon development.  Always play KOTOR 1 first, but for allah's sake, buy both games. 

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I think most people will say 1 was better, but I prefer 2.

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Hmm, I got an idea, Ill get KOTOR 1 then! Thank ya!

(Ill think about 2 when I finish the first hehe)
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KOTOR1, KOTOR2 and Mass Effect have gotta be some of the best games I have played, you can't go wrong with Bioware, let's hope they bring their rpg magic to their MMO.

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Zebadee said:
"KOTOR1, KOTOR2 and Mass Effect have gotta be some of the best games I have played, you can't go wrong with Bioware, let's hope they bring their rpg magic to their MMO."

Technically, Bioware didn't develop Kotor 2.
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TekZero said:
"I think most people will say 1 was better, but I prefer 2."
I agree that I prefer 2 as well, but overall I think 1 is better, 2 falls apart in the story and is too buggy.  1 is more "solid" from top to bottom.  But I would never go back and play 1 again, I'm still playing 2 because of the deeper gameplay.
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I agree completely.

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One hands down, TSL doesn't even need to exist.

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I haven't played the 2nd one yet but I can highly recommend the first one. It'll give you hours of entertainment.

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oh oh this just in - i've been playing kotor 1 again recently and the soundtrack is so epic

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KOTOR 1 by far. Great RPG, 2 is good, but if you have to choose, go with 1.

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I'm bummed I never got a chance to play KOTOR2. Unfortunately it's not 360 compatible and my original Xbox controllers both broke and I'm not willing to buy new ones for a console I'd pretty much never use again. I think KOTOR1 is one of the best games on the 360. I totally loved it. I actually beat it three times, which is quite a lot considering the length of the game.

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Kotor 1 by far is the better game, 2 isn't bad or anything its still good, just 1 is better I'd say.

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KOTOR 1 is definitely the better game, but if you're really a star wars fan and you aren't going to get too irked by a pretty crappy ending, then you should play 2 as well. Just to give an example of how much more i like 1 over 2.. I played the latter only once, and the first one I played so many times that I can't even remember exactly how many.

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As long as the game keeps me entertained I'm fine with it. And I guess both will entertain me for awhile... I'll just get the 1 to keep up with the story! 

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Going off on a little bit of a Star Wars tangent, but I'd like to comment that while KOTOR I and II are great, you'll never encounter a cooler and more interesting droid in the entire SW universe than Proxy from Force Unleashed.  Just for the record...

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Lol, doesn't matter, I didn't like FU that much anyway...