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#1 Edited by VIGGO123 (582 posts) -

Hey fellow duders!

Christmas is around the corner, and in the Spirit of the Seasons I am giving away a bunch of Steam games.

The rules are simple. Everyone is qualified. Just post which game you want (one per user) and a good/entertaining reason why you should get it.

If you get chosen I'll send you a PM and gift the game through Steam.

Remember, I'll only give you one game, so if you get chosen, please don't post another request.

Merry Christmas everyone!

EDIT: I'll go through the thread later today and give out the games.

EDIT2: I've chosen the winners and all the games are gone now. Will probably do another one of these towards the end of the holidays

Mass EffectGONE!
Mass Effect 2GONE!
Metro 2033GONE!
Company of HeroesGONE!
Dungeons of DredmorGONE!
Puzzle AgentGONE!
Axel & PixelGONE!
Tropico 3GONE!
Half-Life 2GONE!
Half-Life 2: Episode 1GONE!
#2 Edited by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

I'll go with Limbo Axel & Pixel, since it seems to be the only one I could conceivably play.

#3 Posted by strangone (189 posts) -

Puzzle Agent, because I never played it and this seems like a good opportunity.

#4 Edited by EuanDewar (5155 posts) -

Mass Effect 2 because це гра славної батьківщини. Ні, не Росії,Україні.

Also I love you.

#5 Posted by AlexW00d (6803 posts) -

Company of Heroes because you kill me too often in BF3 (if I am currently matching up GB names and Battlelog names, if not, cos I'm awesome?)

#6 Edited by Commisar123 (1854 posts) -

Jamestown because I'm writing a paper right now on colonial history and I need to confuse myself "The impact of alien spores on colonial development"

#7 Edited by zudthespud (3329 posts) -

Metro 2033 because I heard it stretches systems and I like torturing mine.  
Jamestown is amazing guys, you should ask for  that.

#8 Posted by B0nd07 (1747 posts) -

Tropico 3

I found the demo interesting, and it's pretty much the only thing on that list I don't already have.

#9 Edited by DAFTPUNK (1307 posts) -

Limbo because that's the only game I want from this list, the rest I have or have passed on. Plus the game looks really cool looking!

Thanks for doing this!

#10 Edited by 71Ranchero (3216 posts) -

Sanctum please if it isnt taken already =)

This game looked fun from the quick look ad I had a blast with the demo. I like the idea of tower defense mixed with a fps. Wish more games would come out like this.

Also its great too see so many GB'ers getting into the holiday spirit!

#11 Posted by Adamsons (877 posts) -

Dungeons of Dredmor!

#12 Posted by GoodKn1ght (522 posts) -

Portal, because at one time it was offered free to me (mac user) and I didn't get it because I though wouldn't like it. I have learned the error of my ways and have spend hours repenting for my sin and hope that all the self whipping and genitalia smashing is proof that I now deserve this game

#13 Edited by AlisterCat (6218 posts) -

Limbo 'cos I'm Limbo Champion.

Mass Effect 2 'cos... I got nothing.

#14 Posted by CL60 (17120 posts) -

Metro sounds good.

#15 Posted by benpicko (2016 posts) -

Half Life 2, because I don't have it and have never completed it. Also, because you are my favourite Giant Bomb user :).

... Please?

#16 Posted by Daveyo520 (7379 posts) -

I would love Limbo and love you long time for it.

#17 Posted by Chias (85 posts) -

I would like to have Mass Effect 1 please. I've been meaning to play this game at some point in my life, but every time I get near playing it at my friend's house, something happens. So this seems like it would be a good opportunity to get to play this!

#18 Posted by NovaXz (15 posts) -

Tropico 3 Please.

I've always wanted to be an uptight dictator, who rules a beautiful tropical island with an iron fist!

#19 Posted by Kieran_ES (270 posts) -

Dungeons of Dredmor please, because I haven't had my yearly dose of self-flagellation and time is running out!

#20 Edited by xdaknightx69 (480 posts) -

mass effect 2 plz coz i have never played a mass effect game but i find them interesting. cant find it in any retail outlet either where i live lol


#21 Edited by vonFlampanker (352 posts) -

Mass Effect 1 please, because I need something to distract me from this conversation about Steve Urkel.

Proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51sIqzEo7h4

#22 Posted by Bollard (6542 posts) -

Dungeons of Dredmor, because I am a Rogue (-like) Warrior and your generosity will not be forgotten!

Loading Video...

[insert Rogue Warrior theme]

#23 Posted by MB (14453 posts) -

I normally don't jump in on these, but I've been meaning to play Mass Effect 2 on PC now that I have a system that can actually run it well. Excuse me while I delete every other user's response that wants the same game so you have to choose me. 
Just kidding.

#24 Posted by Pie (7219 posts) -

Metro cause it reminds me of games and their abilities, during this world we live in

#25 Posted by TheShogun (10 posts) -

Metro 2033

I have always wanted to try it, but have not had the money to buy it.

#26 Posted by plainplease (200 posts) -

I'd be super-duper happy with a fresh, new Dungeons of Dredmor code. I needs to get muh berker rage on.

#27 Posted by innacces14 (742 posts) -

Mass Effect 1, please? I've been dying to play this on the PC since my friend lost my copy when he moved. =(

#28 Edited by mscupcakes (631 posts) -

Puzzle Agent because because I can't afford a flight to Scoggins and it's the next best thing!

#29 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5290 posts) -

Tropico 3 please since it's the only one on that list I don't own yet :P

#30 Posted by HaltIamReptar (2038 posts) -

I would like Sanctum, because in twenty years I will make my ultimate act of sanctimonious righteousness, and will create a reality game show called Dash to Diabetes.

Eight perfectly healthy men with no weird medical histories race to diabetes. The first one to be diagnosed wins a lifetime supply of diabetic socks and a $100 gift certificate to The Cheesecake Factory.

#31 Posted by c_rakestraw (922 posts) -

Axel and Pixel, because no one else seems to want it.

#32 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

Wait, question: if you choose our name and the game we picked is already taken, will you ask us for another game? Or will you toss out our name? Or will each game have a separate drawing of its own?

#33 Posted by Dino_Sousa (34 posts) -

@VIGGO123: I really want Portal. It's a classic I never had a chance to play and I feel a lesser man because of that. You are doing a great thing man.

#34 Posted by Zealousadonis (137 posts) -

Sanctum, because it combines my two favorite things, strategic tower defense and shootin things.

#35 Posted by ZombiePie (6262 posts) -

When does this contest close or cease taking candidates?

Moderator Online
#36 Posted by Karolis (294 posts) -

Mass Effect. They say it's good?

#37 Posted by Debigulator (50 posts) -

I would love to get Tropico 3 or Puzzle Agent. I've been going through some rough physical therapy, and could use something to take my mind off it.

#38 Posted by Pazy (2683 posts) -

I would love to play Metro 2033, though I wouldent get to it until January when I actually have a PC but currently my list of games to play when I get my new PC is Dawn of War 2, I got it free from a friend when he got a Gold pack of all the games, since I cant afford to buy games after I buy a PC.

#39 Posted by ky326 (262 posts) -

Mass Effect 2 because my avatar is Captian Anderson.

#40 Posted by Jaresk (165 posts) -

Apparently I can run Mass Effect 1 but I'm skeptical. Only one way to find out!

Also I love Kinzie Kensington.

And you I guess.

#41 Posted by FrankCanada97 (4187 posts) -

I would like Tropico 3, since I loved the hell out of the original game. I pretend Tropico 2 doesn't exist because apparently pirates don't make everything better.

#42 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

Company of Heroes, because if you don't I'LL BREAK YA GOD'AM LEGS!

Also I played the demo and quite enjoyed it, but Christmas time has made me broke! So, please?

#43 Posted by Hostile (164 posts) -

I would love to win Jamestown. It's been a long time since I've played a bullet hell shooter.

#44 Posted by VIGGO123 (582 posts) -

@Video_Game_King: I'll make a list for every game, listing the users who want it, and draw from that.

@ZombiePie: When all the games are gone. I'm a bit busy right now, so I'll give out the games in 3-4 hours.

#45 Posted by starrjack1 (99 posts) -

Mass Effect, because in light of my long distance relationship all of my money is going to visiting her.

#46 Posted by SirOptimusPrime (2037 posts) -

I would love Dungeons of Dredmor. Yeah, I know. I literally have $0 left to spend on games, and I need dat roguelike.

#47 Posted by FavoritoBandito (171 posts) -

Axel and Pixel because I love crazy weird adventure games, especially with dogs like pixel! After watching the quicklook I really want to play it.

#48 Posted by Kandycane2029 (517 posts) -

I kinda want Half-Life 2. The glorious PC gaming gods haven't blessed me with a more modern rig and I don't really have many PC games other than Halo 2, Bioshock 2, and The Club. (The former 2 I bought because they were on sale for super cheap.).

#49 Posted by puercoperro335 (104 posts) -

I'm a student and my English teacher wants our class to compare a media's adaption of a book to the book itself and it's themes. I convinced my teacher to let me compare the book Metro 2033 to the game itself, problem is I don't have the game. If I got Metro 2033 for a gift that would be splendid. =)

#50 Posted by RTSlord (1228 posts) -

tropico 3, because i've always wanted to be a south american dictator (no really, i have)