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Im buying the thq compilation on steam, is it possible to gift to other people games I already have within this compilation?

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Yea, I don't see why not.

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I have a yes and no answers, can anyone give me a real answer?

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From what I've seen, unless it states right on the game's page, then no.

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I have a yes and no answers, can anyone give me a real answer?

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i have purchased a few bundles that have included games I already have and have never received an extra copy of the games i already have that I could then give away. Also, if you buy a bundle "as a gift" it then goes into your inventory as the bundle, not as individual games. so you can't get around it that way, either.

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No. When you're about to make the purchase a notice shows up that lists the games you already own and won't get a duplicate copy of. In my case the list consisted only of Saint's Row: The Third.

And I bought the THQ pack about 2 hours ago.

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Oh guess not, sorry for giving some bad information.