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So I was thinking about buying Tomb Raider this evening from http://www.simplygames.com/info/19840/Tomb-Raider-CD-Key-Download-PC since it's a hell of a lot cheaper than steam. But I haven't really bought keys outside of steam before so I was wondering if anyone could answer a couple of questions;
When you insert a key onto steam do you get the steam pre order thing or is that tied to wherever I got the cd key?
Do I have to wait until the game is out until the site will send me the key, or will I get it straight away so I can start pre-loading?
Anyone have any experience with this site? Or have any other Key sites to recommend?

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You certainly won't get the pre-order bonuses. I also doubt you can pre-load at all.

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I've never used that site, but I use GreenManGaming a TON and as soon as steam allowed for pre-loading they sent me my key and I was able to redeem it and preload it. Most of these websites send you retail codes so you won't get any of the steam bonuses.

Again tho', in the case of GMG they also sent me two other codes for separate pre-order bonus stuff.

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@CollegeguyMike: That's a surprise I would imagine Valve only gave that bonus to people buying it of Steam.

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Thanks for the answers, gonna just go with Steam I think, keeping it safe. Not that much money I'm saving anyway, and who knows, maybe that plane dlc I get on steam is all right.