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If I really want the game, I'm going to purchase it when it's released.

#3 Posted by pyromagnestir (4386 posts) -

I don't often feel the need to play games the day they are released anyway, so waiting for a game to drop in price is no big deal.

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@Karmum said:

If I really want the game, I'm going to purchase it when it's released.


#5 Posted by Creamypies (4166 posts) -

If I want a game, I buy it... no matter the price (unless it's more than $60/£40). Sure, getting it cheaper is nice, but I'm not that strapped for cash that I need to hold off until a sale.

Sales are good for making me buy games that I otherwise wouldn't.

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@doobie said:

@Karmum said:

If I really want the game, I'm going to purchase it when it's released.


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I wish I could I say C. but its always B.

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I stock up on Steam games during the holidays and that lasts me through the year. I can't think of a single franchise these days that I have to play new. Granted, I don't play online so having a robust community to interact with isn't a factor.

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A tie between A and C. Depends on the game and how much hype I have after the quick look.

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I'm waiting for Skyrim to be $5. I think that answers your question sir.

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I pre-purchased Torchlight 2 knowing full well that in 2 to 3 months it'll be $15 or less. It'll probably drop to $5 in about 6. But I wanted it on release so I bought it.

#12 Posted by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -

Usually C. Sometimes B. Rarely A.
Occasionally it'll be a game that I just know won't be getting a drop or sale soon and I end up pulling a B, such as with Diablo 3.

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Depends on the game and how much I want it.

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Usually C and sometimes A but A's are rare.

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If I really want it and will play it immediately, I will buy it then and there. Otherwise I wait til sales on Amazon or Steam. Games drop too quickly in the States. There is no competition for pricing until 2 weeks after release.

Went with C cause that's mostly how it goes now a days, especially with D3 and CS:GO beta. However sometimes it's an A. Last one that was an A was Twisted Metal but still got that for $48 cause of NewEgg.

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I always wait for a sale.

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@doobie said:

@Karmum said:

If I really want the game, I'm going to purchase it when it's released.


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@Karmum said:

If I really want the game, I'm going to purchase it when it's released.

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wait, the title of this thread already mentions "Steam Sale..." but then the poll mentions the game will be on sale at a later point. i'm confused.

but i always wait for sales on my games, whether it's a retail or digital download. for example, when trine 2 came out for $15, i knew that in just a few months, it would be on sale; so when it dropped to 1/2 that price at the end of march, i snatched it up off steam. i have a ton of back catalogue to go through, so i always have something to hold me over until a new game i want costs less to me. So "C."

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The title of this thread is a little confusing.

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If I really want it (such as Max Payne 3 which I just pre-ordered) then I buy it when it's released provided I have money. Sniper Elite V2 is an example of me trying to hold off until a sale.

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Usually I can wait till it's on sale or the drop the price. If it was an absolutely amazing game, it can happen that i buy it directly. But that would be the exception...

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the steam sales for me tend to be more impulse buys, if there is a game i know i want, i will just buy it at release/at full price and not worry about it, but to be honest i'd normally get a new game on the xbox anyway and even that is getting few and far between, im in catch up mode at the minute, and only gaming for about 6 hours a week anyway

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If I want it badly and it's going to be a huge AAA title that's probably going to sell a lot of copies, I'll buy it day one. Games like that don't go on sale often and when they do its 20 bucks less unless its years later or a Valve game.

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I don't use steam as I have an old laptop but speaking from a console perspective Mainly C. Would of got Diablo 3 new if I had the chance. Most games these days are getting pretty boring so it's not that hard to wait. End of generation fatigue setting in.

Next game coming up is XCOM: Enemy Unknown that I'll get pretty soonish providing it's good.

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If a game isn't 75% off, I won't buy it on the PC. Period, end of story, no exceptions. Except Skyrim I bought that for 60 dollars...

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I very occasionally get caught in the hype of a game, Skyrim for example, and buy it day one. Otherwise I just wait for a sale, not even necessarily a Steam sale just something off.

#28 Posted by Ben_H (3647 posts) -

C. 99.5% of the time. The only game I bought not on sale on Steam was Skyrim, which I have got way more than my money's worth from anyway. I was gonna get Saints Row The Third on launch but waited until the holiday sale and bought it for $30 instead.

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I've bought about ten games new on Steam over three years, the funny thing is that those ten games together probably cost more than the 300 other games I bought on sale combined.

I used to buy based on price/sales but now I look more for value, games that I will actually play and finish, and not care so much about getting games on the cheap that I'll probably never get around to playing.

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It used to be A, but with the economy being what it is right now (particularly in my country), now it's C.

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I think the only game I've bought at full price on Steam was the Torchlight II pre-order.

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@Divina_Rex said:

@doobie said:

@Karmum said:

If I really want the game, I'm going to purchase it when it's released.


Another agreed. I do show restraint, and it pays off. I didn't buy LA Noire ignoring even some off, waiting for the inevitable steam summer sale. Sunday I took a look at the steam store and saw it tacked on for free to the Max Payne 3 pre-order. Done deal and cheaper than a sale. The constraining reason..just like Alan Wake, I have it on console. Other games, like Legend of Grimlock and The Walking Dead I want, but I have enough on my plate for right now.

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The key word here is "really". If I really want a game upon release, I buy it, play it and usually enjoy the heck out of it with no regrets. If I am merely interested in a game, I will usually wait a few months and get it on sale. The most recent Day One purchases I have made are Mass Effect 3 and Diablo 3, neither of which are available on Steam anyway. I also preordered Max Payne 3 on Steam and am eagerly anticipating its release on Friday. Why are all of my Day One purchases this year the third in a series? Must be some Pavlovian response of which I'm not yet aware.

#34 Posted by deox (247 posts) -

I rarely buy games on release day. Not because I'm cheap or anything, I just don't feel the need to. There are always a ton of older games I had been meaning to play but never got around to.

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Latest one for me was street fighter x tekken, when I saw $5 off prepurchase I was like "I'd be stupid not to buy it now." shortly followed by shame.

#36 Posted by benspyda (2124 posts) -
  • If I REALLY want it I will buy it day one
  • If I am interested in it I'll wait for a sale
  • If I have zero interest in it I'll probably buy it for $1 and continue to not play it while it sleeps in my steam catalogue
#37 Posted by joshth (551 posts) -

It really does just depend how much I want it. I can say I've regretted a few day one purchases when I could have gotten it months later at such a nicer price.

#38 Posted by Tru3_Blu3 (3482 posts) -

Before I buy shit, I make sure all the games I want to play are completed. I currently have too many games to consider having more, so if a sale did occur on Steam, I would simply ignore it.

#39 Posted by kindnivore (2954 posts) -

If it's a game I really want, I get it when it launches because I really want it. If I can wait until later at a lower price, either I cannot afford it, or I didn't really want it.

#40 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

@green_sky said:

Usually C and sometimes A but A's are rare.

#41 Posted by Jayesslee (115 posts) -

There's few games that actually warrant a full price release these days - I usually just wait for a sale.

#42 Posted by 49th (3118 posts) -

I'm still waiting for Saints Row 3 to get on sale so you can certainly wait for whatever too!

#43 Posted by Dalai (7793 posts) -

I'm buying it on day one, but there are relatively few games I really, really want. Most games I'm interested in can wait. For example, I'm willing to wait for The Walking Dead until it's half off.

#44 Posted by Beforet (3006 posts) -

I can't help but feel this poll is somewhat loaded.

#45 Posted by ch3burashka (5605 posts) -

My backlog is so huge and my list of Steam games I already games is so barely touched that it doesn't make sense to play the games right now. I live vicariously through the Bombcast and other podcasts while I play FEAR 2.

#46 Posted by Claude (16630 posts) -

If I really want it, I buy it. I don't look back.

#47 Posted by Vextroid (1469 posts) -

Bought Rayman Origins for $40 when it first came out, but was on sale for 20 last weekend.

No regrets. So A.

#48 Posted by SSully (4737 posts) -

It''s all about the value of the game and if I have the time to play it now. If it's a really short game with not much lasting appeal, ill wait for a sale. If it is a game I am interested in that I feel will give me 60 dollars of enjoyment, then I will get it.

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I have to go with option C. Because I don't have much money to spend on videogames.

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@Karmum said:

If I really want the game, I'm going to purchase it when it's released.

Yep, Pretty much.

If it's something I'm only tangentially interesting in pursuing, something that is buggy on launch and requires significant patching down the line, or a game that has a significant schedule of DLC rolling-out over a long period then I'm more than fine waiting till it's on sale.