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The Secret World is a game that probably shouldn't exist. It invests lavish production value into things completely irrelevant to its gameplay, features a somewhat punishing learning curve, doesn't take pvp or endgame seriously and is currently buy to play (at a low price) with a non abusive cash shop that makes Guild Wars 2 look like a scam. If I wanted to put a company out of business, The Secret World would be a good place to start.

Every single quest has a shockingly well written and voice acted cutscene that can easily outlast your attention span, and often have nothing at all to do with your objective. You can either listen to it and marinate in the lore, or bag it and kill 7 zombies. But that little extra artistry is cumulative. Before you know it, you find yourself engrossed in the world, people and places despite the fact that it is a heavily zoned and disconnected world. It's as if Funcom managed to make an entire fleshed out game with the production values of Age of Conan's tutorial. How any sane people cut a check for this is beyond me, but the final product is a gift.

Unless you're utterly burned out on anything with "Massively" in the title, I strongly suggest treating yourself to The Secret World.

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It's certainly the most unique and interesting world found in an MMO. Unfortunately, the combat is pretty terrible (all combo point based, like a WoW rogue), even by MMO standards.

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@sdharrison: When it hits five bucks, I might give it a whirl. I hear good things about it, but I also don't want to get sucked into something that seems unlikely to exist in a year or two.

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The premise fascinates me but Im becoming ever more curmudgeonly about having to create new accounts to play video games. That and well...its also still an MMO which Ive kind of sworn off. Id love to see this concept wrangled into a single player offline game.

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I jump in and play it every now and then, but I'm kinda disappointed that they showed off a bunch of what seemed like classes/roles for the game in the intro, that actually don't exist in the game. Looked like there would be hacking and all kinds of stuff, but it's really "do you want to fight with melee or ranged weapons?". I wanted an MMO with a bit more non-combat content, and it looked for a moment that Secret World would have a bunch of that.

There are of course a few quests that require you to search the web for stuff, which is a neat idea, but doesn't feel like they wanted to stray as far from the WOW model as at least I felt i should have.