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I a little low on funds atm so I only have $10 to spare. The magicka game looks awesome but I cant decide whether I want to buy the stand-alone game for 3.99 and use the remaining $6 on another game. Or if I should get the whole damn pack for $10, I think the main question is, how essential are these DLC packs when it comes to online play?

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They're not essential, but they are pretty awesome, and that's a pretty good deal if you get all of it.

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Magicka DLC is mainly character models. If your main concern is online play, I'd say just get the base game.

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The DLC packs are REALLY inconsequential, since they're mostly just alternate costumes, or maps for the challenge mode/versus mode (neither of which I personally find interesting). I'd suggest getting just the main game. If you really must, the important things are:

  • main game
  • Magicka: Vietnam
  • Magicka: The Stars Are Left

If you get those 3, it comes out as less than the $10 you would pay for the complete bundle.