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I had my Steam account blocked from purchases 8 days - it took 4 days just to get an initial response asking for information. 4 days after that, I've got no response. Does anyone have any experience getting a timely response regarding account issues? I'm not even looking for immediate, I'd like to know what's going on. Keep in mind, it's not like I even had payment issues. My debit card is on the account, has never been declined, and I'm an established Steam user (not fresh registration). After searching high and low on the steam message boards, I haven't even been able to find anything that alludes to an expectation of how long this fiasco will last. Here's my actual post on the Steam Community:


Anyone else have a particularly interesting Steam issue, or better yet, method of resolving a Steam issue?

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I've had nothing but great service from Steam, the few times I've had problems.

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The only problem I had that required support intervention was achievements missing from my profile. It's not that there were achievements that I should have that didn't unlock, but they were entirely missing from my profile.

After a month, I finally got a response that said "Sorry, we can't help with any achievements, contact the game publisher."

Instead of trying to fight it by saying that the problem is with my Steam profile and has nothing to do with the game, I fixed the problem myself by using a Steam achievement exploit program to unlock, then lock the missing achievements.

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For the most part I've had nothing but positive experiences with Steam Support. I've never waited more than 24 hours for a response after submitting a support ticket.

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Try removing your card and re adding it, that might reset it if it is a database thing.

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One time I asked them for a free video game and they told me no who do they think they are.

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No real issues since way back in 2004-2005 where i had dial-up still and it was kinda broken for me. Been great since though, i love steam.

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I've had nothing but great service from Steam, the few times I've had problems.

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that sucks, not had any problems so far in the two years i have been using steam.EDIT was looking at my post count what happens when you reach 666!!!

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I havent really needed support, I think I did once back in 2006 to find out something. And I stopped using it for several years now that I think about it because it sucked. but I came back 5 or so years ago and its been great

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Not really much in the horror story department. They are kinda slow though, and always start with the generic trouble shooting tips even when your original ticket already stated that you had done those, and what the results of them were. For the most part it's turned out well in the end. I did give up on Wings of Prey though, when it seemed the Steam support staff didn't even read my ticket (such as the fact that there's no way to actually contact the publisher, because their site is a broken mess mostly in Russian). Instead I found community guides on how to bypass it's totally broken DRM system and closed the ticket.

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I lost my password once and they were quickly able to help me fix that, but I imagine that is a very common one.

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Of course Steam supports horror stories, I mean they're going to release Amnesia in a month...

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Amnesia? Where?