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@mcghee: It's not even just that they're douchebags. Most of them seem to have a few screws loose.

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"No opinion expressed nor thought given in a YouTube comment will ever be worth giving even the slightest shit about."

- Aristotle, 332 BC

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"Cheesy But Endearing" read "due to nostalgia I am incapable of admitting that the original DMC games had stupid fucking writing."

lol nailed it

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I've never really bought into the "They're only games" line of thinking, if people are passionate about games, I think that's a good thing. I also wouldn't do what some people have done and dismiss these as "troll comments", I think we've seen enough of this to know these kind of comments do come from people expressing honest opinions, but yeah, it's sad to see people in general, and a pretty big chunk of the gaming community specifically still struggle with the idea that people might have different subjective opinions than them on a piece of entertainment media.

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@gamer_152: Some people aren't even at the point where it's fair to say they're struggling. They're just being willfully ignorant.