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Hey duders just curious if anyone knows a good store (online) to find older games besides local stores. To be more specific I have been looking for Dot Hack//GU Parts 1-3 for the PS2 and none of my local stores have it. Looked online but I can't seem to find it anywhere (at least the 1st part). Maybe I am looking the wrong places? Just seeing if anyone knows any good trust worthy sites to get some "older" games. Thanks!

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Your best bet for games like that is eBay.

I recently bought the Futurama game on ebay and it was way cheaper than I thought it would be.

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I was hoping to find somewhere other than ebay, I know they have a few. Just seeing if anyone knew of anywhere else.

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You could try Amazon or Gamestop. But eBay is the best place to find old games at a good price.

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half.com and amazon are also great sites to find games in addition to ebay.

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I know I got SMT3: Nocturne from Amazon, during a reprint.

They're honestly probably your best bet.

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I've had a lot of success with www.glyde.com. It's eBay without the bidding. I got a copy of Ico in fantastic condition for $20.

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jjgames.com is pretty good. I've bought a few things from them.

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For PC games, few things beat Good Old Games.

For everything else, uh, good luck?

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Amazon has all those games, just checked.

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I've had a lot of luck with estarland.com. Their games are delivered fast and in great condition. Added bonus, if you buy over 20 dollars worth of used stuff from them, the shipping is free. I've probably bought 10 or so SNES games from them and quite a few PS2 games with zero problems.