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I posted two guides under Persona 4 Golden and i keep wondering if i'll have to re-post those or will they be back once all these stability issues are fixed?

I published my guides a few weeks before the announcement of the site launch.

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The guide system was revamped for the new site, namely in that there's now only one unified guide per game. Dave made a post a few months ago detailing the system, you can find it here: Changing the Guide System on Giant Bomb.

The important part was to back up the guides:

So if you're a guide author looking to keep your guide on Giant Bomb past the relaunch follow these simple steps.

    1. Copy your guide and paste it into a forum post attached to that game's forum.
    2. Tell a mod, and have them lock and pin it for you.
    3. When the new site rolls around, that forum post will come over. Simply copy the guide from the post and add it to that game's guide (which will be blank).
    4. Earn a bunch of points, have my thanks, and know that there's now a public record of the edits made to your guide that can be rolled back at anytime.

If you have a back-up, just repost them. I don't believe there are any plans for automatic porting -- because it would probably just lead to a mess for games with lots of guides.

If you don't have a back-up, some other users had a similar issue earlier in the week and we found that a large number of them are archived on the wayback machine over at archive.org. The easiest way to find them was to go to the users profile then the guide page, but I checked yours and it seems like the robot missed them or you made them after it's last sweep.