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Please post your location (city, country please) and your Internet connection speed / setup. Thanks.

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London (UK), modem? 
Video gets stuck buffering at some points. At other parts, the video will just cut near the end. 

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Denmark, 8Mbit down videos run fine.

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Cleveland, OH 
5 mb i believe 
Works fine for me, no problems so far.

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Fort Worth, TX, DSL, and not working.
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Dallas, TX   works fine(4000/400)

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Works fine here.. Copenhagen, Denmark, 4mbit download

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London, United Kingdom. I have ADSL broadband, 19 mbps.  I've been experiencing slight hiccups, where there have been times where the video stutters with "buffering" and also where the video ends early.
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I'm in Miami, Fl at the moment using a cable modem. Videos are cutting off early for me, streaming a bit slow right now. 
That said, I know this will be fixed soon enough and finally being able to skip around videos is great.

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Milwaukee, WI 
5MB (I think)

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Hamilton, Ontario.  802.11 N wireless, only 15 ft. away from broadband connection. 
Oh, right, and I'm experiencing hiccups now and again, and the video's cut out early most of the time.
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What's happening for me is constant hiccups, so I'll stop the video and let it buffer kind of for a while. But every time I've tried that, the video has just froze (and never started back) about 1/4 through. I would much prefer the old way. 
Crossville, Alabama/America. DSL.

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Not great.  Westland, Michigan, USA.  Wireless cable, but slow at 1Mbps

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Works fine,
Living in Rural UK (nearest city is London) with a 3.5mbps connection.
Connected over ADSL, streaming over Wi-Fi.

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Conway, New Hampshire, 4mbps cable which I access wirelessly. It stutters pretty constantly, but really, the worst problem is I can't let the video load before I watch it. I'd MUCH rather have to wait to see a video load then being able to see it instantly with a ton of buffering.

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Constant buffering and stops way before the video is supposed to end. I always watch the "low" versions.
1.000 kb/s downstream
160 kb/s upstream

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London Ontario Canada,  
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Works ok for me and I'm in london with an internet connection that is supposed to be 8MBs, but on internet speed sites rarely passes 300k. This annoys me, but it works fine. However, one thing that I would comment on about this system is that the streaming system has sacrificed showing what has loaded, so you don't get the darker bar showing what areas are normally loaded, with the ability to click to any area for streaming. Sometinmes I have times where it goes into constant buffering, and so pause to let it load. It would be nice to still know how far the video has loaded in the more traditional way as well.

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Works dandy, Rhode Island and fairly speedy cable when it actually stays connected. 
The site itself is whats been slow, videos are fine for me.

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Portland, Oregon, 16mbps cable, works pretty well. The only issue I have is that sometimes videos cut off just before they're supposed to end.

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Manchester UK, 2mbps. Sometimes videos buffer, sometimes they stop completely but one thing is always happening which is that I can't jump backwards or forwards in videos like I used to be able to do, without it going bufferry. For that reason I'd like it to go back how it was, I don't think it ever needed changing.

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Blackfoot, ID, US. 10mb/s down. Works fine.

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Frederick, USA  100Mps.
I have slight hiccups and have not seen the end of any video since the change over. They all stop at about 95%.

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Estonia, Europe (Europe's a country, right?), Slight hickups @ medium quality (and once complete froze), 1mbit connection
(Also, I have a personal preference for buffering videos and viewing them later)

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I go to a boarding school in New Hampshire. they have  a crazy firewall. with streaming video, i cant watch any giant bomb stuff after 3. I dont know why, but it makes me sad. 
can we please bring the old way back 
Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, United States 
DL: 6.59 MB/S 
UL: 19.72 MB/S

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Constant buffering. San Francisco, CA. Mucho megabits, but behind a firewall.

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Chicago, IL, 6 mbps DSL over wireless g. High quality starts playing immediately and never has to stop and buffer. 

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Videos load slower than 2009 videos. A lot of the time it says loading on the video for a fraction of the second.
Videos end before they should ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I may miss up to 1 minutes of video because it cuts off but normally its only about 5 seconds that is cut off... which is still annoying.
Location: England

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The streaming works fine. 

  • Portugal, Lisbon.
  • Not sure about modem speed, will totally check it out and post it.
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lotsa hiccups, at least 2-3 places in a 10 minute segment
Saint Louis, Mo 
Mac OS X 
streaming wifi
I hate to say it, but I rather like loading up the video and then watching.  Plus the load times before were pretty amazing anyways.

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Oxford, UK.  Cable (512k/10Mb up/down). 
Often getting constant 'Loading...' stuttering throughout video.  Doesn't seem to be doing much local caching at all (leaving video paused at start to build up a decent buffer before playing doesn't seem to help).  Used to be near perfect (rare occasions when link was slow I could just leave it to cache with the grey bar showing me how quickly it was going) but now is so bad I think twice before even trying a video. 
Being able to jump into the stream at any point is cool but 
not when 
it doesn't 

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Washington DC. Not entirely sure of my connection speed but it is Comcast. Seems to be running fine

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Bethesda, MD
~1Mbit DSL
Firefox 3.5.7
Constant buffering (1/4 to 1/2 second playtime then 1/4 second buffer, repeat) on Low quality
Washington, DC
~18Mbit Cable
Firefox 3.5.7
Perfect playing on High quality

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Lexington, KY USA
I'm at work on the University's network atm. I'll try it at home on my 20mbps connection later today.

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 They've been okay but I've noticed some videos ending early or stop working if left alone for a while.

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Austin, MN   54Mbps wireless connection.  Works fine for me.

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Leeds, UK 4 mbit
Seems to be constantly buffering

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South-East UK, village in the middle of no-where, 2mbs. Streams fine but sometimes it gets stuck and requires a firefox refresh before I can continue from where it stopped.

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Middlesbrough, UK.
Working fine for me

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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Wireless, High Speed(?)
Works fine, besides the odd hick-up.

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Santa Clarita, CA... its between slight hiccup to constant buffering. the stream would be playing fine, then it would get choppy having to pop up "loading" every millisecond.

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Oslo, Norway 
Cable 17mb down 
Usually streams on a Windows XP media center machine. 
Used to work fine, but get some hickups now. 

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Metro Detroit, wireless connection through cable ISP. 54.0mbps
Video loads fast, runs smooths, rarely buffers.

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Mississippi, DSL
VIdeos run perfect for me, and I'm enjoying being able to snap straight to any point in the video.

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I live in Brazil, i have a 12mbits connection.
I don't like it for a series of reasons:
Streaming is kind of weird right now. It doesn't buffer. Or, in fact, it apparently doesn't buffer. IF i start watching a video and press the pause button, my bandwidth is still being used. If I press play, i get the "buffered" video working nicely. However, when the player stops downloading the video, it automatically jumps into the "duder it's over" screen (as if i was watching as the player was downloading), which is not true.
If my connection is bad for some reason (mostly overseas routing, which is a bitch), i'll either have to watch the video stuttering or NOT WATCH AT ALL, since i can't buffer it (as the player thinks i finished watching the movie when it finishes downloading it and throws me the "duder it's over" screen).
The new system also prevents me from easily downloading the videos. I know that's not the main direction of your site, but earlier i could easily download the videos and convert them for my mobile devices (not everyone, despite of what everyone at giantbomb things, likes or has a iPhone or an iTouch). Now, that's either much harder to impossible to do.
While the streaming is good (because i can jump anywhere in the video), the not-quite buffering you guys have going on right now is really horible. Youtube allows me to jump anywhere in the video AND buffer it at the same time. And i stil lcan download the videos, even tho that's not their main goal with the site.
Overall, i think the older method was better than the new one. 
Personally, i've never had any problems with the old method. I could both watch videos instantly (if my overseas routing was good), and i would be able to stop them for a couple minutes and wait them to buffer if i had to (overseas traffic being bad). Now, even if my connection is a little worse than ideal, the video buffers for 10 seconds and i lose those 10 seconds at the end of the video.
The only good thing to come out of the new method for users (being able to jump to any place in the video without having to wait for it to load) is not good enough when compared to what the other, older player provided (ability to actually buffer the video and watch later, download to convert to mobile/other devices, actually being able to watch the video until the end without it cutting midway through because the player thinks i already watched everything).

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I've watched the three Quick Looks you guy have put up this week, no issues. I'm in Cincinnati and using FireFox is any of that matters.

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Milford, CT -- 3mbps Cable connection
Longer videos stutter later into the videos. Shorter videos for the most part seem fine. My connection is fast enough however that the pre-loading didn't affect me at all and I had no issue with it.

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London, UK, 8mbs - Video ends early sometimes.

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Iceland  500 or so kb,  Slight hiccups. But yeah I have had that thing that Videos end before they reach the end.