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So, stumbled across this today and thought that GB may enjoy. Someone used the player creation tool for WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2011 360 and made up most of the Street Fighter crew with each having about 4 outfits.

Here is the text from the video, so you don't have to click through:

 To download these, go to community creations (xbox 360 only) and enter the proper keyword to find them. There are 3 keywords allowed for each CAW. All of these CAWs will have the following two keywords: 1. "Street Fighter" & 2. "jim784m" The third keyword is the name of the character. Certain characters like Akuma & Cody will have different names due to SVR11's unnecessary online censorship.

Akuma's name will be A|(insert less than symbol here)uma & the keyword is xakumax
Cody's name will be C@dy & the keyword is xcodyx

These CAWs aren't editable.

Each Street Fighter CAW has 4 attires (some are color changes and others are brand new attires.) There's a glitch that won't let you keep an alternate hair/hair color online. This affects some of Blanka, Dee Jay, Vega, Guile, Rufus, T. Hawk & Akuma's alternate attires only when used online.

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Reminds me when I used to make Darth Vader. That's pretty awesome.

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Of course some of them, like Blanka, are fucking weird. That being said most of them look pretty cool. I lost it at 1:25.