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Okay, if you are like me then you are most likely the kind of guy ( or lady) that stays after the credits for EVERYTHING especially games. Games have a large tendency to put little stingers that tease the next game or are just a further easter egg. I'm always sitting through credits but I had an experience yesterday that I've had several other times with some games. Repeating credits. I beat Hitman Absolution last night and the story wrapped nicely but of course I was wondering if there was going to be that stinger setting up for 47's next adventure. So I waited....I loaded up Giantbomb on my phone. Checked twitter etc... while waiting. I then started to think to myself "Gee, these credits are extremely long....." Then I started to really pay attention and realized that the credits kept on scrolling over and over with no real clear "break" to let you know that. This needs to stop! I wish I could remember but I know ive seen other games guilty of this as well. Scroll the credits and be done. If you don't have any little neat bonus thing thats fine but c'mon man I spent like 30-40 minutes last night waiting through credits that never ended because unless you were paying utmost attention there was no clear break to show you where it started to loop at least make it obvious that the credit scroll is looping.


I wasted 30 minutes watching credits scroll on loop. This shit needs to stop.

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They suck.

I usually fire up my Mac and post in a forum about the games ending, so it sucks when its actually just looping.

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Isn't it to make sure people actually look at who made it? I don't think it is the best way of doing it; but I can see how people would feel annoyed that many peoples reponse to credits appearing was "I'll just half-watch and wait for it to finish - just sit here if an extra scene starts". (I still think Super Smash Bros. Melee's credits screen is the most memorable ever for me making it an active experience - I still remember some of the names years on. I think ultimately that is a better route in getting people to pay attention without annoying them).

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I can't say I've encountered a ton of games that do this, but yeah, it's a dumb way to do things.

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I have never seen that happen before. That sucks because I usually always expect something after the credits.

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I've never seen that myself. That is really dumb, though.

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Create a concept page!

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Jup, just saw this in Tomb Raider Legend yesterday as I completed it. First I thought the credits were just unusually long but then I realized "hey, wait a second, I've already seen these names...".

But at least it's not as annoying as unskippable logos when you launch a game.

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I only watch the credits if they have out-takes, putting stuff at the end of them is stupid and I wish it would die.

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I love credits that begin slowly and transition well from the ending, sort of like MGS and Mass Effect.

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I have never come across that and usually when I beat a game I come straight to here to edit lists or post about it. That's interesting but have never noticed it.

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Same boat as OP. I always let the credits roll on movies and games. Just finished Absolution, and it took a while to sink in the credits were looping. It's a minor point, but annoying for credit competitionists. ;)

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The only other game I know of that did that was Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. It's a bad habit for me sticking towards the end as credits this generation are ridiculously long.

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I don't know it's pretty funny. If I made a game I would do it.

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Battlefield 3 is the only game I've seen do this.

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Searching it on youtube is easier imo...

Credits as a whole are retarded unless there is something there be it artwork, animation or behind the scenes to make you watch them, and putting stuff after the credit is also stupid imo, that's one thing by which i define a bad game story wise.

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I've never experienced this problem but it sounds terrible. They should just be happy that I'm too respectful to skip em.

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This has definitely happened to me, though I don't remember which game it was. I think it was an Ubisoft game because I remember assuming the credits would be unreasonably long before realizing I had seen QA section three times.
A contributing factor is all the different international credits that you have to sit through even though you only played the game in one language/country.

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I stopped watching game credits for the little shitty stinger at the end because nothing is worth sitting through 20 minutes of credits to see. That only works in movies where credits aren't much longer than 5-10 mins tops. I hate how games feel the need to credit every single person working at the company regardless of their contribution. Imagine if every time you watched a movie you had to see a list of every fucking employee working at Sony Pictures or something. Ridiculous.

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you never know when a game will stick an achievement for sitting through the credits in there...

well, unless you've already researched the achievement list for one

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Now, I don't know if I've ever experienced Looping credits, but I will say this. The Assassins Creed games, including part 3, have the longest amount of credits I've ever sat though. Part 3's credits lasted nearly half an hour.

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@Roger778: Far Cry 3's credit scene was just as bad, all Ubisoft titles are a bit heavy on the credit side of things.

We need more credits like Super Smash Bros or Flower. Least that was fun to look at, watching a list of the entire QA department at Ubisoft roll around just makes me want to shut it off.

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I didn't even know this was a thing? It does need to stop though

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I let credits roll for little bonuses after (something learned from MGS) but the real draw of credits for me is hearing the staff roll music as it's often a wonderful little triumphant compilation of the best of the game's tunes.

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Marvel should start looping credits at the end of their movies. See how many people waiting for the stinger actually notice.

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I like the Halo Credits cause of the score that come (OVER here) up and legendary endings. I always sit through the credits on those games. Also smash bros MElee

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@TheManiacsGnome said:

@Roger778: Far Cry 3's credit scene was just as bad

That wasn't looping? The moment I noticed repeated tracks I thought that and stopped it! They can't just repeat tracks for the credits like that!

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Does Assassin's Creed 2's credits loop? I think that might be acceptable in its case.

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@EquitasInvictus: That was not looping my friend, it was just REALLY long.

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@TheManiacsGnome: Shoot! I quit at waiting for credits, then. I feel like I was having a whole conversation during the credits via the Steam overlay and I still couldn't take it anymore after the third repeat track.

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I just played and beat Gemini Rue, which upon the end of the credit roll, it EXITS TO DESKTOP.

I stood up and applauded. Bless you, you gods among men.

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ive never honestly seen a gamedo this.

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@MikkaQ said:

I stopped watching game credits for the little shitty stinger at the end because nothing is worth sitting through 20 minutes of credits to see. That only works in movies where credits aren't much longer than 5-10 mins tops.

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Credits in video games generally suck. *Especially* Ubisoft games. God damn.

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Oh man, imagine if this happened to games that had 600+ people working on them like Assassin's Creed or Resident Evil 6...

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@TheManiacsGnome said:

We need more credits like Super Smash Bros or Flower. Least that was fun to look at, watching a list of the entire QA department at Ubisoft roll around just makes me want to shut it off.

True, that was a good way to do it. Smash bros at least gives you something to do instead of twiddle your thumbs for twenty minutes

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I've just had my opinion on credits changed single-handedly by Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd (don't ask me how I put it in my Vita or why I started playing it) but basically it's a medley of vocaloid songs not in the actual rhythm game and there's a little Hatsune Miku that's playable and can be moved around with the d-pad and she varies between some 5 or so animations when you stop her.

The credits there are still long as hell (because they basically have to list each and every vocaloid song) but they do make it pretty tasteful with the medley and the fact you can still interact with the Hatsune Miku in the credits.

That being said, is there a concept page for credits you can interact with?

EDIT: Nevermind, found it!

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Huh, I don't think I've ever encountered looping credits.

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I always try to skip, so never had this problem. If I can't skip, I just wait. Or actually, probably just exit the game and restart, it's usually quicker.

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This happened in the original Crysis too. It sucks!

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Wha? I never saw a game that has does. I agree it is stupid though.

The closest thing I've seen to this is endings like FF7 which is a looping graphic. (which is kind of dumb too) It is dumb when any game makes you reset the system instead of just taking you back to the title screen. (or back to the game)

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I've never encountered one of those.

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That's so funny, I did exactly the same shit.

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Credits should be like in Valve's games. List everyone once in alphabetical order and done.

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Weird. I've never seen that.

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Wow that is stupid.

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Most credits that allow you to skip credits now days will skip right to the extended scenes if there are any.

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I'll watch the credits for something if I was impressed by it or otherwise feel that they deserve my time.

I would probably not infinitely watch them, though.

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If there's any end cinematics they'd probably show you, so you should feel safe to mash buttons and try to skip the credits/