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Hello everyone,

This was the panel which Jeff was on during PAX Prime regarding reviews.

Arthur has tacked an audio version onto the end of this weeks episode (151 9/14/2012) of the Rebel FM podcast.

It starts at 1:40:05 if you want to skip the actual show, but it's also a good podcast to listen to if you have the time.


The episode can be found here

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And does anyone have a link to Patrick's panel by any chance?

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I found the link

I'm kind of really unfamiliar with Rebel FM. But thanks man, I was wondering when this would pop up. Also I'm having really weird issues, even in the description it says the panel starts at 1:40:05, but the bar with the Wii-U only goes to 40 minutes...and it's having terrible times trying to stream it.

Do I have to download it first?

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I have it in my feed so it downloads for me. I'm not sure about their streaming player.

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The numbers are just misleading. It doesn't show hours. So, you have 1,2,3,4...57,58,59, 1,2,3,4... Thus, it would show 4, but that would actually be 1:04.

Look for 40:20 on the dial. You'll run into it three times, I think. The second time is actually 1:40:20, where the panel shows up. Just click different places on the bar til you see the right number. It's less than 2/3 into the bar.

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it's a pretty good discussion.