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I had a stupid gaming obsession that, occasionally, decides to pop up every now and again.  I grew up a Sega kid because my Dad was a Sega guy.  We had all of the main consoles, the Master System, Genesis, Sega-CD, and 32X.  We stopped buying Sega consoles after the 32X because my Dad felt like Sega had left those who had bought the 32X in the dust by ignoring the product and focusing on the Saturn.  But during the time when we were a Sega family, I became obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog.  It all started with the first game and and obsession carried on all the way to the 32X.  I even had the Game Gear with nearly every Sonic game on it.  It was ridiculous.  Looking back I feel a little dumb that I spent so much time and so much money on just one franchise.  BUT, even now I still buy Sonic the Hedgehog games.  It's like a disease I never really got rid of.  To be honest, I haven't really liked a Sonic game since Sonic 3 + Knuckles.  But I still occasionally buy his games.   
To reminisce on my obsession, I decided I would post all of the games in the Sonic franchise I either currently own or have owned or played to completion at a friend's or family member's house due to the obsession. 
Sonic 1 
Sonic 2 
Sonic 3 
Sonic and Knuckles 
Sonic Spinball 
Sonic 3D Blast 
Game Gear 
Sonic 1 
Sonic 2 
Sonic Blast 
Sonic Labrynth 
Sonic Chaos 
Sonic Triple Trouble 
Sonic Spinball 
Tails Adventure 
Sega CD 
Sonic CD 
Knuckles Chaotix 
Sonic Adventure 

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle 
Wii and Virtual Console 
Sonic and the Secret Rings 
Sonic 1 (Genesis) 
Sonic 1 (Master System) 
Sonic 2 (Genesis) 
Sonic 2 (Master System) 
Sonic 3 
Sonic and Knuckles 
Sonic Chaos 
Xbox 360 
Sonic 4: Episode 1 
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection 
Anyone else wish to share their stupid gaming obsessions? 

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I used to be OBSESSED with Metal Gear Solid. still my favorite series though.

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I don't know if this counts, but I have the compulsion to buy every game published by NIS. I don't care how good or bad they are, or even if I end up playing them, I must have to have it!

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Splinter Cell and Brothers in Arms.
More recently I read the whole Mass Effect Wiki online after playing Mass Effect 2

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I'm obsessed with early-mid 90s PC games. Especially the shareware scene. I know a fair bit of it is just nostalgia goggles, but I miss the hell out of that era. 

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@ssj4raditz said:
" I don't know if this counts, but I have the compulsion to buy every game published by NIS. I don't care how good or bad they are, or even if I end up playing them, I must have to have it! "
that's fucking gross dude NIS is kinda terrible.
but I have your same problem only release NIS by Atlus and Obsidian.
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Occasionally I'll have to collect an entire series of games. Usually smaller series of 3 to 4 games. 
The least proud collector moment I have though is picking up Digital Devil Saga years after it's release. Mostly in that I haven't finished the first game to even want to play it's sequel.

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Phantasy Star Universe on the 360. When I got it I couldn't stop playing. I stopped playing any of my other multiplayer games and lost some of my Xbox Live buddies.

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I have a problem buying a new game in a series if I haven't played previous entries. 
This makes it especially difficult to pick up games I would normally want to play if I know that previous games were terrible, or even mediocre.

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I got WAY into DDR in late elementary school/early middle school. I imported all of the Japanese PS1 games and went through a ridiculous amount of dance pads. I got nostalgic recently and decided to get a RedOctane Ignition pad for StepMania. 
It was so worth it.

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I used to be obsessed with the LOTR 2 game on the Gameboy Advance.
I must have beaten that game at least 15 times.

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I sunk eighty hours into Saints Row 2 over the past two weeks. I mean, yeah...

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Me and my friends used to play the shit out of the duel mode in Star Wars: Obi-Wan. 

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If Final Fantasy IV comes out on any system that I own, I buy it.

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Ughhhhh I am WAY too obsessed with Metroid. I have beaten about 60% of the hacks for Super Metroid, and have actually attempted to speed run the thing. 

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Back in the day I used to be obsessed with Dr. Mario. I still remember the tune lol. Stadium Events for the power-pad was pretty addicting too. Other games that keep me up at night were Final Fantasy VIII, FF VII and Bust a Groove. More recently though, Gears of War 2 and Fifa 11

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My friends and I were way into 007 Nightfire multiplayer before we discovered that Halo 2 existed. Looking back, it kinda sucked. Same deal with Gauntlet Dark Legacy, another not-so-great game that I played an inordinate amount of as a youth. Generally speaking, I loved my Gamecube and all, but man did I have bad taste.
Then of course, there's my weird obsession with CRPGs of every flavor from early 90s to early 00s, but I've documented that in my blogs.

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For me it's fighting games. I have DoA4, VF5, SC4 etc eve though I suck at fighting games and don't really like them all that much. I usually just play to unlock stuff like costumes and whatever and when I've done that I stop playing.  
I think the reason is that when I was a kid my cousins were obsessed with Street Fighter 2 and imported the Turbo and Super versions of that game from Japan and they seemed to really enjoy it. I spent a lot of time watching them play and they would never allow me to play on their fancy SNES and just told me to go home and play on my NES.

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I can't really think of anything i'm too obsessed with at the extent you're displaying.. but I guess a few mild obsessions come to mind, like I buy alot of games based by devlopers / company. Psyonix Studios, Atlus, Rockstar, Bethesda, ID are the main five. I also tend to buy every Unreal Tournament game that comes out. Music for me is a huge deal also, so if there's a band / genre I like I may buy a game based solely on that. 

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When I get a new game and the title screen says "Press Start" I have to try pressing "A" instead to see if it is lying to me or not :)

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If there's a special/limited/collector's edition of a game, or even just a retailer exclusive slipcase or steelbook, I have to have it. Even if it means paying double the asking price for the standard edition. Exception to the rule being any edition that includes a figurine. I collect games, not figurines. 
Also, I never buy greatest/platinum hits.

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I bought a PSP and a PS3 just to play the new Twisted Metal games, own every one.
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I'm compelled to play crappy JRPG's. 100 + hours in The Last Remnant?

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Can't play a game that's part of a series or even just a sequel, if I haven't beat the earlier ones yet. 
Pixeljunk Shooter 2? Had to play through the first (which I bought day one, just never finished.)   
Ratchet and Clank: Crack in Time? I really want to play it, but I need to buy and finish Quest for Booty and Future Tools first before I'll ever consider it. Though I'm not going as far as to buy all the PS2 releases.

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@ssj4raditz said:
" I don't know if this counts, but I have the compulsion to buy every game published by NIS."
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@domsalvia said:
" When I get a new game and the title screen says "Press Start" I have to try pressing "A" instead to see if it is lying to me or not :) "
Same here.
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I was obsessed with the first Resident Evil on Playstation. I ran through it probably 5 times a week when I was a kid.  Pokemon fits here too, I played that pretty much exclusively for a long long time. 
And obligatory World of Warcraft and I blame it for ruining gaming for me, but have no real justification to.