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To all paid subscribers, be it monthly or yearly, why did you decide to financially commit to Whiskey Media/Giant Bomb?  Was it because of 720p HD videos?  No ads? The Friday live show?  Or maybe you just think Whiskey Media/Giant Bomb is so awesome and want to support their amazing website engineering and general shenanigans for the betterment of the Internet and human civilization as a whole?
Let us hear your voice!

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I've paid more for less in my life.

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@KaosAngel said:
" Medal "
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Wanted to support whiskey honestly, I'll probably never really use the hd video stuff. Also the t shirt!
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Because after I slept on it I realized I spend way more than $5 a month on more frivalous things that I don't use on a regular basis.  Kind of bummed that Silver Medalists still will get ads though.
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The t-shirt, HD vids, and because they're awesome.

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Going to buy the subscription next pay-date. 
I love the site, it's as simple as that. The only gaming website that gives a totally honest opinion.

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@KaosAngel said:
" Medal "
 I would've gone yearly, but poor college student and all I have to wait for a paycheck or two. In the meantime I have no problem supporting the GB and Whiskey Media crew because they make some of the best content on the web.
Plus, the chance to see Vinny in HD is irresistible.
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I just wanted to support them. I've got so many hours of entertainment over the past years that $50 is the least I can do.
Plus I get a spiffy t-shirt and a thing under my name. Look! A thing!!

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Because I listen to videos and podcasts for around 6-8 hours a week. That's worth 50$ a year. Hands down. I can not out twice a year for this easy.
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@sixdemonbag said:
" Kind of bummed that Silver Medalists still will get ads though. "
Wait what?! They're introducing adverts? Thats bullshit, if people want to pay fine. But don't suddenly punish those who don't!
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signed up...probably wont watch HD video.

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Paying it forward, for the video game based shenanigans and the content what else am I gonna do donate the money to the boy scouts those guys are jerks. 

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Reasons for Joining (mostly in order of why): 
1. T-Shirt 
2. HD Video 
3. Unsplit Bombcast 
4. Friday Show 
5. No Ads 
6.  I love Giant Bomb and Tested! 
(the medal could use a little tweaking... it's kinda ugly).

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To support giantbomb and the whiskey community after they have provided with so much free entertainment!

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To support the site. I've gotten so much free entertainment from them from quick looks to endurance runs and all the podcasts. If they keep that up, its worth more than $50.  
Plus I get a shirt. Neat.
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Can I still sign up even though I've already linked my accounts?

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For the SHWAG.

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I love screened, comic vine and Giant Bomb and wanted to feel like I helped them out when they asked.

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Browsing giant bomb and experiencing its content is a large part of how I spend my leisure time so..

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@KaosAngel said:
" Medal "

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Well they have had ads before, nothing too intrusive...just think about the ads for Big Live Live Show Live before the videos.   Then there was that week where Eat Pray Love was advertising on Screened, and I think there was a Scion ad wrapped around all the content on the front page the other day.
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I paid because I love this website and support what's going on here.
I love capitalism and Giant Bomb.

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These guys have been doing awesome work over the past years here, and GiantBomb has provided me with a place where I feel the reporting and features have heart, character and integrity. It's really all I can do to be able to say I'm part of it, and I like being part of it.
Beyond that, I guess the t-shirt is nice, and seeing everything in higher definition without any sort of ads make my daily game news/features needs enjoyable.

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For over two years now i've absorbed so much content from GB and recently Screened and Tested that I'm more than happy to help out. All the perks are great, but I would have given $50 just to keep WM ad free and run the way it should be.

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@99X said:
" Reasons for Joining (mostly in order of why): 1. T-Shirt 2. HD Video 3. Unsplit Bombcast 4. Friday Show 5. No Ads 6.  I love Giant Bomb and Tested!  (the medal could use a little tweaking... it's kinda ugly). "
1: I think anyone who wears a T-shirt for a website is a wanker. Straight up. Not to mention that they're cheap. 
2. Videos are already really high quality, HD isn't much of a push. 
3. Uhh... you're supporting a split bombcast. Not getting rid of it. 
4. We're yet to see how good this is. 
6. OK, I'll give you this. Tested and all the other Whiskey site can burn in hell though.
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No ads, HD video, Bonus friday thing. Mainly to support the beez-nez. Plus I don't drink much so I can spare the forty quid or whatever $60 translates to in GBP.

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All of above.

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For support.



" @sixdemonbag said:

" Kind of bummed that Silver Medalists still will get ads though. "

Wait what?! They're introducing adverts? Thats bullshit, if people want to pay fine. But don't suddenly punish those who don't! "
Theres been adverts for months, but they are limited to certain regions. If you have never seen any, you probably never will.
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Because I love the site. But also, the mobile site looks spiffy. Creating a mobile site is pretty hard, and it looks like Dave nailed it. Hoping that means that I don't need to ever use the iPhone or Android clients again; though the Android one in particular was nice, it had its eccentricities, and the Whiskey crew never fixed the problems they introduced in a timely manner (i.e. right now, it's broke).

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I feel that I almost owe them even more after all the awesome entertainment they've provided me so far.
I've been aching at throwing more money at them since I bought my Luchadeer hoodie (Which was too big, so I gave it away. Incidentally making me the producer of a walking Giant Bomb ad)

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At this point, I had spare cash, and my student loan will cover my legitimate expenses. I don't buy anything except food in this part of the year, due to my birthday and christmas. I would have happily kept with a free account, but I think the Whiskey Team deserves supporting, more so now I've seen how many engineers they actually have there as well as the front teams. And even with shipping, it was still less than £40 for me, which isn't a lot.

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I dont really like to subcribe to websites for extra content, but if thats what it takes to keep giantbomb up and running then im willing to pay, its not so much in the long run.
Its the price of one game, and a video game site that will be full of people who buy alot of games we should not be complaining (as in general video games are terribly overpriced), besides i think people are just moaning about not getting everything for free, this is the real world - and in the real world, websites cost alot of money to run.

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@KaosAngel said:
" Medal "
But srsly I love Giantbomb and want them to have my money. The bombcast thing is hella lame and the way the backlash was handled was even more dumb. But w.e.
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The mobile site plus I basically watch/listen to at least a good 7 hours a week of content from them (2 hours for live screened, 2 for TNT, 1 hour worth of QL, 2 for the bombcast). For the amount of entertainment I get from them, 5 dollars a month is cheap.

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  • Shirt
  • Mobile site
  • Supporting my most-visited site so it keeps existing
Tiered Bombcast is bulls*** but I suppose I'll appreciate not having any interruptions in my Bombcast service.
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Support the free stuffs. Support whiskey media. HD. Puppies.

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It wasn't for the unsightly medal, I can tell you that much. 

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Oh wow, I keep forgetting about the shirt...hah, I fail.

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I owe these guys for a lot over the past 5-odd years. 
And this fucking sick medal.

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isn't it that people in the US don't see ads? because for the past week or so i've been seeing car ads plastered all over when i come here sometimes

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Because at some point last night, after thinking about it for a while, I couldn't find a good answer to this question: 
"Why not?"

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@SumDeus: You can yeah, any time you like you can upgrade from the whiskey site
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If I had a smart phone I'd probably sign up. The mobile site sounds pretty cool.

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I dont really care what they add in.  I gave em the cash because I've already gotten 2 years of awesomeness for 2 years already 

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I just like to support things that I like, and I can afford it. Simple as that.

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Signed up because I felt like it was for a good cause. And the mobile versions of the sites.

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I'll probably be signing up around January.

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Well it was a multitude of things that made it worth the yearly subscription. I think that the shenanigans around the office, the no ads and the hd video seems to be worth the price. Plus I don't want my laptop stolen by babs. Also who would want their ass kicked. I would rather be helping pay to stock up the bar so Jeff can drink more tequila.