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to support a website i've spent hundreds of hours on

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I want to support the site, and I am doing a trial of a month to see how I feel.

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There are 174 Bomcasts going by the Bombcast page, and most of them are at least two hours. That's 348 hours, not counting the time I've spent re-listening to bombcasts. And I got all of that for free. Why not give GB some cash?

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because they're worth it.

#105 Posted by MasterOfPenguins_Zell (2120 posts) -

To hopefully let the Bombcast be whole again.

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from a chat between myself and a friend:-

me : the way I see it, right now I'm investing in their future and paying em for the hard work they've shown so far
him :  precisely

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I've actually been lurking on this site for about a year, never cared about creating a account just made one for the subscription.  The way i see it this isn't just a news or info site nor is it full of the usual bullshit, this is one of the most entertaining sites out there, totally fucking worth the price.

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I love GiantBomb, Screened, and Tested, and wanted to show my support. The features are great and I'll probably use most of them, but they're not worth 50 dollars to me.

#109 Posted by Jace (1135 posts) -

Because I've fucking loved these guys since I started caring about video game reviews, back when some were at gamespot. $50, is the least I could do.

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@CitizenKane: All the new and premium features are nice, but I mostly just wanted to support the site.
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Honestly, I just want to support the guys anyway that I can.  I went with $5 for now to see how things go.  If things go well and they don't abandon the non-pay members and they continue pushing out the content I love, I will go all in with a full year subscription.

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I wanted to support the company. I love Giantbomb and Tested and I wanted to make sure they stuck around for a long, long time. Plus I'll get that phat T-shirt.

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 In the year 2000, many many more websites will be on a subscription basis. Sort of like cable TV. I know I'd prefer to watch some of the stuff on HBO to free-to-air nonsense - same principle here.  

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One of that staff members said i'd get a pony if i did.

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Gotten a whole lot of free, quality entertainment, and wanted to say thanks.  Plus, being able to download things like the endurance runs to watch on the go might mean I'll actually get all the way through them.

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Easier download of videos 
Better Mobile Site 
Needed something to do with some of the money I'm not going to be spending on Xbox Live anymore.

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It was a vein attempt on my part to keep the bombcast together for the non-paying GBers, 
Also I was curious about the new features so I plunked down my $5 to check it out.

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@Coombs said:
" It was a vein attempt on my part to keep the bombcast together for the non-paying GBers, Also I was curious about the new features so I plunked down my $5 to check it out. "
except well I paid the 50$ so
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To support these guys, and out of spite for all those people bitching yesterday.

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Did it to support the GB and Whiskey teams, and also for HD videos

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Because I have paid way more for a lot less entertainment.  I like Whiskey Media and want them to succeed.  Sadly, I can't afford a yearly right now but it looks like it's possible to upgrade in future and will definitely be doing that.    
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Because I love giantbomb and I want them to succeed.

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I think it's a brilliant idea to finally give us a way to directly support GiantBomb. They do so much from inspire to entertain, I'm happy to give back.  
I also really love the Bombcast, I can't wait for the first SplitCast.

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I'm doing it because I love Whiskey Media and I would die if they had to go away due to lack of funding.

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i want to support the guys and also the new mobie site is awesome. That shirt was a deal breaker as well

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@MysteriousBob said:
" @99X said:
" Reasons for Joining (mostly in order of why): 1. T-Shirt 2. HD Video 3. Unsplit Bombcast 4. Friday Show 5. No Ads 6.  I love Giant Bomb and Tested!  (the medal could use a little tweaking... it's kinda ugly). "
1: I think anyone who wears a T-shirt for a website is a wanker. Straight up. Not to mention that they're cheap. 2. Videos are already really high quality, HD isn't much of a push. 3. Uhh... you're supporting a split bombcast. Not getting rid of it. 4. We're yet to see how good this is. 5. THE SITE HAS NEVER HAD ADVERTS. 6. OK, I'll give you this. Tested and all the other Whiskey site can burn in hell though. "
I hate to sound like some elitist asshole because I have a subscription but seriously dude wtf? Sub if you want to and if you don't you can still enjoy all the content. Looks like some peoples true colours come out when they are faced with a real life decision. 
Also to get on topic I really wanted the shirt. The design looks sick and I can't wait to wear it around college. 
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I can only get a monthly at the moment, and not for every month either, but since I like WM and what they do, I'm more than willing to throw down what I can. 

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@CitizenKane said:
"Or maybe you just think Whiskey Media/Giant Bomb is so awesome and want to support their amazing website engineering and general shenanigans for the betterment of the Internet and human civilization as a whole?"
I would have subscribed even if it was just a way to keep the sites going. The t-shirt(s), mobile site, HD video, etc. are all great perks, but just knowing that our money is going to make the Whiskey Media sites even better is enough incentive for me.
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The added features are great, but I gave them my $50 because they have provided me with entertainment, week after week, for free, since 2008.  I consider it a way to say "thank you". 
Also, the t-shirt is pretty bitchin'. ;)

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@mesklinite said:
" Because I listen to videos and podcasts for around 6-8 hours a week. That's worth 50$ a year. Hands down. I can not out twice a year for this easy. "
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Supporting the boys.

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I wanted to support something i've used for free and the HD video was a way awesome bonus

#134 Posted by Hershey07 (181 posts) -

T-shirt, and well, I love the GB guys. 

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I subscribed because I feel like I need to show my support and pay them back them for the 100's of hours of entertainment they provided me with over the years.
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Because i am weak 

#137 Posted by LethalKi11ler (1594 posts) -

Waiting for Paypal support so I can start paying.

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I did it to support the GB crew and all of  Whiskey, since I've been on Giant bomb since day 1.

#139 Posted by Wyld (322 posts) -

I couldn't resist

#140 Posted by Milkman (17919 posts) -

Because I spend more time on this site than any other site. Also, I subscribed to GameSpot back in the day, which I believe was $10 a month so it would only make sense to do the same here.

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While I welcome the new content, Giant Bomb has provided me with so much free entertainment since the day I discovered the site. As they say, they produce up to 5 hours of video content a week, all of it usually interesting and entertaining. This is close to the same amount of entertainment you get out of a short video game. This again, is 5 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. That's 260 hours a year. 260 hours of entertaining content for 50 dollars. That's a bargain.

I'm looking at this more as supporting the site to make more entertainment. Paying 50 dollars to support the most awesome site on the internet is a steal.

#142 Posted by s7evn (1067 posts) -

Mobile site mostly. I like the work they do so supporting the sites I visit makes sense. 

#143 Posted by General_D23 (1210 posts) -

Spend so much damn time on here, and love Giantbomb, Tested, and Screened. Also, sweet T-Shirt.

#144 Posted by Inf225 (512 posts) -

-Live Show
Its worth it, lol.

#145 Posted by warxsnake (2720 posts) -

because i love gb, screened, tested, and i have money

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Love the site. Simple as that.
#147 Posted by FixerofDeath (337 posts) -

I would have, but being 17, and without a job, and Halo Reach coming, There is something I would rather purchase first. 

#148 Posted by Jothel (1012 posts) -

Been following them since the gamespot days, they deserve my money after the literally 100s of hours they've kept me entertained

#149 Posted by Crunchman (414 posts) -

I subscribed because not subscribing simply wasn't an option. WHISKEY MEDIA FOR LIFE!

#150 Posted by kalmis (1744 posts) -

I am too old to see some random internet ads. + I really like this site, so why not.