#151 Posted by Hosstile17 (769 posts) -

I signed up because I am a bit out of ideas for sending them dumb stuff in the mail. Why not just give them $50 a year, so they can buy dumb stuff with it. Plus, un-split Bombcast was key for me. Oh yeah, 720p video. 
It is all totally worth it to me. Oh, and dude, check out the totally tits medal they gave us.

#152 Posted by jozzy (2035 posts) -

I probably am not going to use any of the new features, and I didn't want the shirt (but was forced because there was no opt-out for that). 
I just love the content these guys put out, and I want to support them.

#153 Posted by GreasyTayTay (25 posts) -

Just want to keep the dream alive really, love the site. The amount of entertainment I receive is worth far more than what is being charged. 
Also a t-shirt, I am a sucker for shwag. 
Also Brads sideburns in HD. 

#154 Posted by Headin (30 posts) -

Whiskey is awesome.

#155 Posted by Yoda (55 posts) -

support an awesome site, try it out for a month, if i like it then i'll get the yearly thing

#156 Posted by cdparrish@comcast.net (15 posts) -

This site and is the best on the internet and I feel that I would feel proud to support them. Also T-shirt, and it's only 50 bones.

#157 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

Well, I haven't subscribed yet, as you can see.  I plan to subscribe monthly though, and it's because Whiskey Media does awesome things that should be rewarded.

#158 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6320 posts) -

Because I am indie as FUCK.

#159 Posted by jNerd (2008 posts) -

It'll be cool to rock a GB shirt around town.

#160 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5463 posts) -
@CitizenKane said: 

 Or maybe you just think Whiskey Media/Giant Bomb is so awesome and want to support their amazing website engineering and general shenanigans for the betterment of the Internet and human civilization as a whole? Let us hear your voice! "

This. All this other stuff is just a bonus!    
#161 Posted by soitb (15 posts) -

I ponyed up $60 (I live in the land of tea and biscuits) so they can buy more cheap gin for Dave and Jeff.

#162 Posted by Leg_of_Time (21 posts) -

Mainly to support the site but the HD video is nice too :)

#163 Posted by Bones8677 (3283 posts) -

Because I don't want the Bombcast to be split up, so I paid for a month to help the subscription numbers reach their goal of 5,000 and thus leave the podcast the way that it was.

#164 Posted by Finstern (643 posts) -

Help out the GB guys mostly, add in a bit of HD videos (really is something else that they are redoing their entire back catalogue! Well done guys) and partially to help get 5k subs before tomorrow (hope it happens)

#165 Posted by iAmJohn (6135 posts) -

Honestly, I'm not even sure.

#166 Posted by CatsAkimbo (645 posts) -

Partly because I wanted 720p videos, partly to support the site.  I have a friend who can get cases of energy drinks from someone who works at Coors, and was going to send them one for the great content.  However, now that I've got the subscription, I feel pretty even. :)

#167 Posted by C0V3RT (1380 posts) -

GiantBomb has provided me years of entertainment.  My way of saying thanks and keep doing what you've been doing.

#168 Posted by Dtat (1630 posts) -

I don't like what they're doing with the bombcast, but I owe them the benefit of the doubt. And I surely owe them $50 for the HUNDREDS of hours of entertainment they've provided me over the years. I feel that they're well-intentioned, and I support that.
#169 Posted by Interpol (29 posts) -

A good t-shirt would already be $25 or so.  So really I look at it as just paying $25 for a year of awesome content and to support on of my favorite sites.

#170 Posted by TopCat (75 posts) -

for the chance to support somethig that i enjoy every day not just Giantbomn all the whiskey media sites

#171 Edited by Tearhead (2219 posts) -

Giant Bomb has become a big part of my life for where I get my online entertainment and videogame coverage. You guys have created an awesome website, and I am trusting you with my money to make it even more awesome. I have never done an online subscription like this, but I have faith in the staff and am looking forward to see how they improve the site for both paying and non-paying members. 

#172 Posted by MonkeyGekko (278 posts) -

Love the content, and I wish to support the fine Whiskey people. They are doing an awesome job!

#173 Posted by EpicSteve (6499 posts) -

GiantBomb is a great site, and the staff has never served me wrong. I want them to do more crazy shit. Also, the perks are cool. I presume the Gold emblem is the yearly and silver is monthly?

#174 Posted by myketuna (1765 posts) -

Support the crew was my original choice (even though I wouldn't have been able to for some time. I wanted to go 50 bucks). Then the Bombcast fiasco appeared, and now I'm just subscribing to keep that baby calf free in the wild.
And if it stays free, I'll subscribe sometime later for the year. If it doesn't, I won't renew my month subscription.

#175 Posted by Teaspoon83 (629 posts) -

This is the site I love to visit on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. The bombcast but along with the other podcasts makes my drive to work something I can enjoy.  
Throwing in a shirt, sweet. 
But really, it was to support the hard work these guys do. Now, I just expect the Friday show to be amazing enough, I'll never want to miss an episode. And hey, bring back the TGIF motto too.

#176 Posted by briansanderson (133 posts) -

I signed up to support Whiskey Media.  I enjoy the content they provide.  I consider the editors at giantbomb.com to among the gaming industry best.  That is why I subscribed.

#177 Edited by GetEveryone (4458 posts) -

To support all the WhiskyMedia sites. The extra features are basically nil atm, but I bought a monthly membership tentatively. Hopefully there's more great stuff to come.

#178 Posted by Floppypants (798 posts) -

I'm just hoping my $50 goes towards an increased amount of content on the site.  Maybe they'll hire Jeff Green or Brian Ekberg.  They won't get my $50 next year if they just use membership money on yachts and gold-plated diapers.

#179 Posted by Constable_Wiggum (103 posts) -

Easy answer, it's all about the awesome.

#180 Posted by jNerd (2008 posts) -
@rsansome said:
" Easy answer, it's all about the awesome. "
#181 Posted by AllanIceman (1323 posts) -

I Just want to give the guys money. Probably won't use any of the features, except the BombCast.

#182 Posted by simpledespot (55 posts) -

Admittedly, I thought the t-shirt looked pretty cool.  

#183 Posted by Wuddel (2100 posts) -

I wanted to support independent journalism and love GB.

#184 Posted by nxau (111 posts) -
@Jimi said:
" Going to buy the subscription next pay-date.  I love the site, it's as simple as that. The only gaming website that gives a totally honest opinion. "
Reeeeeally bummed that I can't watch tonights live show, though! :(
#185 Posted by Noodles (539 posts) -

Because I love everyone who works at Whiskey Media. 
And the T-shirt looked pretty rad.

#186 Posted by InternetDetective (353 posts) -

My reply is so deep in the thread that I am worried it won't be read but here it goes.
I subscribed (did my medal show up yet?) because I love Giant Bomb and I want to see and hear more content.
With my subscription I am hoping to be able to see more videos and hear more podcasts.
I don't really read the articles on Giant Bomb, or care about quests or the forums. I do not have a fancy phone or care about mobile html5.
To me Giant Bomb is a replacement for G4 tv. Because G4 tv is awful. G4 tv is horrible, shitty, unfunny  and just plain unwatchable.
Internet.com is the new platform for TV and radio. I would like Giant Bomb to think of itself as a TV and Radio station. I would also like to make at least 100k a year at my current job but that is beside the point.
So far the only added content I have heard about is the Big Live Live Show. I have not seen it yet but I am sure I will love it. Also consider doing more podcasting, not the same amount of podcasting chopped into two pieces.
The video and audio content of Giant Bomb are what makes it unique, that is the stuff that hooked me in. Please make that content the focus of this new membership revenue.
In conclusion:  
more videos and more podcasts
And maybe a Subscriber Exclusive Endurance Run.
All my sincere love feelings,

#187 Edited by Necrotoxin (141 posts) -

To help them, and for the T-shirt.

#188 Posted by JohngPR (67 posts) -

I decided that at the very least, the GB guys deserve the benefit of the doubt.  If I like what I see, I'll go yearly. :)

#189 Posted by DaleKaleD (6 posts) -

Over the past few months, I have started to expand my content consumption, while at work mostly, and the expansion of the sister sites of Giantbomb, where I started at its inception, has really catered to my interests. As across the board the quality of the content has continued to expand.
I have always liked being able to directly support the artists that I can, be it books or merchandise from artists & creators, or in this instance a subscription.

#190 Posted by Anund (940 posts) -

I was unsure if it was worth it, but I have to admit Giant Bomb is easily one of my favourite websites ever and it's just not that much. I spend a lot more money on things I get less joy out of. I'll give it a year, see what happens :)

#191 Posted by Funzzo (835 posts) -

Because Giantbomb kickass and video games kickass and the othe whiskey sites kickass and if you throw that all together you got some kickass shit! plus the cost was ok.
#192 Edited by KamikazeCaterpillar (1130 posts) -

Because I LOVE this site and all of the other Whiskey sites.

#193 Posted by Portis (1283 posts) -

The quick list of reasons I signed up: 
* HD Video and downloads. Hot. It's not like I couldn't download their videos before, but the way of going about it was much more inconvenient than simply click a link on a drop down list. And they weren't in HD.
* The upcoming exclusive friday live shows intrigue me for whatever reason. 
* Full Giant Bombcast day one. I look forward to listening to it every tuesday, and I often listen to it more than once.  
Enjoy my money, gents. You deserve it.

#194 Posted by InternetDetective (353 posts) -

 The Big Live Live Show doesn't get archived for later viewing right? I can't watch it at work so I will probably never see it and that is pretty lame.

#195 Posted by Nibi (19 posts) -

Giantbomb is probably the only gaming site trying to do things right. They have provided countless hours of information and entertainment. I jumped at the opportunity to help make a great gaming site/community even better. 

#196 Posted by Scotto (1221 posts) -

Because I love what these guys do, and I'd hate myself if they were ever forced out of business because people like me didn't support their work.  $5 a month for the best gaming website on the internet is far more worth it, than this place needing to IGN-ize their website with advertisements and interstitials and pay-forums. 
And if money weren't a little tight this month, I'd probably have gone for the $49.95 membership - perhaps October. 
This place probably provides me with hundreds of hours of hilarious video every year, not to mention the Bombcast, Thursday Night Throwdown, and the news and wiki themselves.  That is worth the price of a hamburger to me every month.
- Scott

#197 Posted by Jadeskye (4368 posts) -

I just wanted to support Whiskey. Dave Snider is also my hero.

#198 Posted by fwylo (3556 posts) -

Because I'm so gangstar I can throw $60 dollars around for no reason.

#199 Posted by TurboMan (7738 posts) -

Medals and I feel like I owe it to them for years of great content!

#200 Posted by Sil3n7 (1200 posts) -

I want to support Giant bomb.