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Justin.tv auto-archives every stream. Granted I've never personally watched any streams that lasted this long on archive -- but I see absolutely no reason why this stream would not be archived like every other stream. I doubt you'll miss out. 
#202 Posted by efriman (15 posts) -

I've been a fan of the site for a long time but mainly the bombcast, editorial coverage and videos and haven't had an account before. So for all the fun I've had and will continue to have I felt it was about time we got a chance to support the site. Also, T-shirt and HD videos!

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Because I won the Serious Sam HD contest by posting a picture of a Ham with "Serious" written on it.


More to the point I figured $50 was worth the 12+ months of content I've devoured for free including paying Vinny and Jeff to play Persona 4 so I didn't have to.

Heaven help you bastards if you screw up the bombcast though.  I am a paying customer now and I demand satisfaction, motherfuckers!

#204 Posted by phlegms (1622 posts) -

 I wanted to support giantbomb. None of the features really interest me. Very much doubt I will subscribe beyond the first year..     

#205 Posted by Wasara88 (338 posts) -

I forked out the moolah because i just love GB and want to support it and HD vids and the shirt are nice additions too.

#206 Posted by hilld1985 (52 posts) -

$60 is not a huge amount of money for a company and service that has provided so much entertainment for so many, many long commutes to and from work. 
This is my way of saying thank you.

#207 Posted by JesperC (11 posts) -

Because the Giantbombcast alone deserves my 50 dollars anyday.

#208 Posted by zitosilva (1881 posts) -

Because I want to support the Whiskey Media sites that I visit

#209 Posted by EvilEmpire (32 posts) -

Plain and simply to support Whiskey Media and the content they produce.   I read Giant Bomb, Tested and Screened almost every day and listen to their podcasts on a weekly basis.  I am more then willing to pay for this entertainment and support the great things that Whiskey is doing.

#210 Posted by KillerRabbit (71 posts) -

I've been liking these guys since the Gamespot days. I like their views on gaming, and i feel that these guys deserve my support. I paid 60 dollars today (since i'm based in Europe), and as one guy above wrote. I've spent more money om stupider things in my life.
And for the record: Splitting the podcast is a good move imho. It's called incentive - and that's why it splits the community like that.
If i had more money and was based in the us, i'd be a major investor in the company. I believe in Giantbomb.

#211 Posted by Sargus (762 posts) -

I'm mostly supporting Whiskey Media, but I also like the new mobile site features. Plus, the shirt seems cool.

#212 Edited by nickux (1463 posts) -

Considering how many hours of entertainment I've been given from the Endurance Runs and the Bombcast it was a no-brainer. Happy to support my Giant Bombers! 
EDIT: Hmm.. just paid for a monthly but don't see a medal on my avatar. Does it not show up for yourself?

#213 Posted by Buttmonk3y (148 posts) -

TBH i hardly use the forums and dont do many quests etc. But i do watch the videos and i enjoy the bombcast.
The reason i paid up for the year is because i want to support these guys (same reason i brought the iphone app).

#214 Posted by dvaeg (249 posts) -

Just to support them.  I probably won't use any of the niceties, but it's worth paying just to support them.

#215 Posted by thisisdell (61 posts) -

Mobile site.  But how the heck do I get there?

#216 Posted by Dauragon (571 posts) -

(For clarification, by "makin' it rain" I mean "give money to" and by "dem hoez" I mean "things/people I enjoy and want to support")

#217 Posted by blurienh (139 posts) -

Love the sites and Im quite willing to pay to keep the quality going.
#218 Posted by hilld1985 (52 posts) -
@thisisdell said:
" Mobile site.  But how the heck do I get there? "
(it's not live yet from what I can see)
#219 Posted by roroc007 (66 posts) -

two questions! can brits subscribe. And where do I change from free to paid membership!!

#220 Posted by thisisdell (61 posts) -
@hilld1985 said:
" @thisisdell said:
" Mobile site.  But how the heck do I get there? "
www.giantbomb.com  (it's not live yet from what I can see) "
Good play giantbomb.  Very sneaky!  =)  Giantbomb is awesome!
#221 Posted by ReyGitano (2491 posts) -

I was planning to subscribe regardless of what I got. I love the people running this site, I love the content, and I love the community.

#222 Posted by PixelStyles (76 posts) -

It's the one website I hit up daily for the content. Everything else I'm fine with an RSS feed.  Podcast alone is worth it. I also love the tested guys.  I'm happy to support them and the t-shirt doesn't hurt.

#223 Posted by Bummey (622 posts) -

In a nutshell: I love the site, I love the staff and I want to do what I can to keep it going.
I'm also not a 13 year old baby using my mommy's credit card. I'm a grown ass man with a bank account and plenty of money in it.

#224 Posted by Wasara88 (338 posts) -
Of course you can. And i did it by logging out and when i logged again it asked if i wanted to make a multipass and then it asks the type of suscribtion you want.
#225 Posted by hexx462 (506 posts) -

I'll be subscribing soon. Recently I dropped Comcast cable (still had to keep the internet though) and decided to buy the 4 or 5 shows I watch on Amazon On Demand, it's been nice to vote with my dollar instead of paying for cable and then being bombarded by horrendous commercials. Paying for Giant Bomb just continues this trend, I'd rather throw some money towards people that put out quality content and ingore ads along with other bonuses. 
I want the crew to get paid, just because their profession involves entertainment does not mean they owe us anything.

#226 Posted by Tirion (200 posts) -

The Whiskey Media sites have given me hundred of hours of entertainment for free, so I'm just happy to be able to support them in some way. That's really the main reason, but I'm also looking forward to using the mobile version and getting that rad t-shirt when this first month runs out and I subscribe to the annual option instead.

#227 Edited by niccofyren@gmail.com (6 posts) -
@thisisdell said:

" Mobile site.  But how the heck do I get there? "

If you log in to the site from your mobile browser you should be automatically redirected. 
If not try entering the url m.giantbomb.com manually, while logged in.
#228 Posted by Turambar (7176 posts) -

Seeing what the live show has to offer before I plop down any dollars now instead of going for it right away.  We'll see after it ends.

#229 Posted by LiquidPrince (16491 posts) -

Because I said I would, and I love the crew.

#230 Posted by kahi (140 posts) -

I actually opted in for a month do to my monthly budget not allowing the year; and budgeted the year into my next paycheck which starts out my next month budget.

#231 Posted by Aphex666 (23 posts) -

I subscribed as I feel that on Giant Bomb alone I have has more than enough entertainment to cover the sub over the last year.  Also I have a load of respect for what all the guys at Whiskey Media are trying to achieve by giving their readers / viewers / listeners something unique.   
Keep it up and I will subscribe every year.    

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Because no one is more authentic than Giant bomb
And because the dude above me has a commander keen icon, and thats fucking awesome.

#234 Posted by Afroman269 (7440 posts) -

Just wanted to support the site. These guys are great and the medal is a nice bonus.

#235 Posted by Soapy86 (2675 posts) -

I bit the bullet because they're holding the Bombcast for ransom and I plan on unsubscribing as soon as I find out if they got the 5000 subscriptions they wanted.

#236 Posted by Lashe (1395 posts) -

Because these guys all deserve some support from the community they've created around their amazing content over the years.

#237 Posted by drgrumbles (227 posts) -

Supporting the best entertainment on the net.

#238 Posted by Babble (1276 posts) -
@MysteriousBob said:
" @sixdemonbag said:
" Kind of bummed that Silver Medalists still will get ads though. "
Wait what?! They're introducing adverts? Thats bullshit, if people want to pay fine. But don't suddenly punish those who don't! "
I don't think you understand how websites work.
#239 Edited by Devildoll (950 posts) -

i think the bombcast is the bomb basicly . and everyone needs to be able to hear the whole thing back to back , not split up.
also a whiskey shirt will be sweet.
i appreciate the higher video quality aswell  
 but the biggest chunk of of my subscription is dedicated to having the bombcast remaining free and instant for everyone. just hope we hit 5k
I also love the giant bomb guys , and this was a chance to show some support

#240 Posted by sixdemonbag (79 posts) -
I didn't say that, someone quoted my original statement and that is his commentary on what I said. I originally said I'm bummed that silver medalists still have to see ads.  When Someone replied to him they just cut out my original quote and his name.
#241 Posted by DeanoXD (652 posts) -

i love the Whiskey Media group, i don't have the time to contribute like a lot of you do so i wanted to support them in the way i can which is through my dollars.
#242 Posted by oliveshark (54 posts) -

I've followed the crew since the early days of the Hot Spot. When Jeff was let go I was surprisingly effected,  thus realizing how much that podcast and its crew meant to me. 
 Then I learned of giant bomb and have been hooked ever since on the video and podcast. Didn't join the site untile early this week and love to be able to help out the whiskey crew.  
Plus, I can't wait to rock that damn t-shirt!

#243 Edited by CouncilSpectre (324 posts) -
It's less than I pay for a single game in Australia ($100 for average console game).  Signing up to yearly subscription couldn't have been better value for money.
#244 Posted by underthumb (2 posts) -

I want to encourage the continuing existence of a website that is not principally designed to display advertising. Ease of navigation and a pleasing layout is important for actual content consumption. More importantly, I would one day like to see gaming journalists that are not beholden to publishers and developers for their money. Trying to create a membership program is one step towards this possible future.

I am currently a yearly subscriber but I hope to see more content added to the membership program, as I'm not sure if the value proposition is high enough yet. Still, I wanted to show genuine support.

#245 Posted by Civraz (406 posts) -

Mainly because that T0-shirt is awesome, and i'm really happy that I can support Giantbomb. Also to thank them for the awesome years previous.

#246 Posted by Praab_NZ (281 posts) -

Because whiskey deserves my money.

#247 Posted by TheKing (856 posts) -

So I can support the site.

#248 Posted by fishmicmuffin (1054 posts) -

Because they have already provided me with more than 50 dollars worth of laughs and entertainment, and I"m sure they will give me well more than 50 dollars more.

#249 Posted by fakename50 (38 posts) -

HD video, T-shirt, but mostly just to support Giant Bomb.

#250 Posted by Mageknight (137 posts) -

I love Giant Bomb, but ever since they started, I was always worried they'd run out of money or something. Now I don't have to worry about that! Also downloadable HD video and a sweet mobile site are pretty great features, so why not?