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Best Use of The Same Old Shit   (Sequel Award)

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Best original soundtrack.

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Best opening sequance.  
(like the first 5 minutes of Mass Effect 2 or Alan Wake)

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Oh, and I'll assume that this has already been said, but...
-Best Late Title Card

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Dave's eastern bloc game of the year 

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@Jeff:  Nolan North talking to Nolan North in Mafia 2 better win best Nolan North performance.
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Best Downloadable Game 
Most Supa Dope/Supa Gangsta Game (Sponsored by Ice T*) 
*Not actually sponsored by Ice T

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Outstanding achievement in inadvertently giving your game the title of a porno movie

And the nominees are...

The Undergarden
Super Meat Boy
Naughty bear

And the winner is...

John Daly's ProStroke!

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Best Quick Look Death by Brad

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Best/Worst Use of Opening Title Card

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@Jeff:  Best use of zombies in a game.
Edit: Good title for the award may be "Brad called it and no one listened".
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@Toxin066 said:

"Best Use of Jank in an Open World Game "

I assume you mean "The Just Cause 2 Best Use of Jank in an Open World Game Presented by Just Cause 2" award?