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Hey guys, doing a lot of work/gaming at home recently and I'm looking for another vlog or podcast to listen to.

I really like the giant bombcast and the Bombin' the A.M. show and am looking for something like that. Doesn't have to be about games or have hosts that share the same opinions as the giant bomb crew. Though both would be cool.
The main thing is I want to listen to people who are smart and know what they are talking about. Willing to admit they don't know enough about something to comment on. I want smart, thought out opinions. Not some over produced cut up vlog made to attract kids or people with add. I want to trust that they know how the industry works.

Other shows I have liked:
Slashfilm cast and related podcasts
WTF with Marc Maron/Nerdist
Sessler's Something with Adam Sessler (I'm really trying to fill this hole)
And of course most of the Giant Bomb stuff.


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I've been listening to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. I would suggest starting with his series on Genghis Khan.

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I like Vic's basement from EPN.tv.

A few months ago, I realized that Victor Lucas from Electric Playground is still extremely active. And it's great, especially because Marissa's a fantastic foil on that show.

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Not video games, but everything I've listened to on the Maximum Fun network has been funny, informative, or both. Especially the stuff with Jesse Thorn.

And general podcast recommendations that don't necessarily fit your search, but I suggest to anyone anyway:

Comedy Bang Bang (hard to describe... kind of improv sketch comedy, but not always in character... it's consistently hilarious, though, as is the TV show)

My Brother, My Brother, And Me (perhaps the funniest podcast of all time. A pseudo-advice show that gets half of its questions from Yahoo Answers.)

Sawbones (Medical history podcast. Very comedic, yet informative)

We Hate Movies (maybe the funniest "bad movie" podcast. Check out any of the episodes involving Jim Belushi impersonations)

The Flophouse (like a more condensed We Hate Movies)

Welcome to Night Vale (a comedic and sometimes vaguely unnerving fictional radio show about a Twilight Zone-esque town called Night Vale. A must-try. There's nothing else quite like it)

... I listen to too many podcasts. I haven't even mentioned Comedy Button, Retronauts, and so on.

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@bartok: Hell yeah, that's a great podcast. Idle Thumbs and Crate and Crowbar are really good video games podcasts. Stop Podcasting Yourself might be my favorite for comedy, though I really love Comedy Bang Bang and My Brother My Brother and Me as well. Improv4Humas is really good also but, like most improv, it can be kind of hit or miss but it's usually pretty consistently funny. Cashing In With TJ Miller also. So many more.

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@bartok: doing that...sounds so interesting