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I've recently been on an RPG binge for my DS and I'm looking for other DS RPGs to play in the future. I'm currently playing through Radiant Historia and have The World Ends With You waiting on deck after that.

No doubt it will take some time to beat these games but I'm worried about getting Suikoden Tierkreis before the price jacks up even more than it is now since the game is out of print. The $60 option (which includes shipping) is the cheapest I've managed to find thus far to buy brand new. It's not available used anywhere near where I live and I don't trust buying used games online.

So for anyone who has played the game: Is this game worth paying $60 for?

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I haven't played it, but as a duder who has posted on various Suikoden community forums for years, I know a ton of people who have. The general consensus is that it's a very good RPG, just not a terribly great Suikoden game in particular. So if you have no real preexisting ties to the older games and $60 doesn't mean a whole lot to you, I'd say go for it. Because you're absolutely right: that number probably isn't going to get any lower. Copies of Suikoden II still routinely sell in the $200 range.

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Everything I have heard from fans of Suikoden suggests that it's not all that great, but it has a metacritic average of 76.... hmm. , can you help this fellow? You know what the Suikoden is, right?

Personally, I am barely willing to pay $60 for any game, so the idea of doing so for some obscure DS RPG seems entirely foreign.

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As a Suikoden game, it's not so great, since the 108 have been truncated and there's no wargaming element. As an RPG in general, especially one for the DS? It's not too bad. It's certainly impressive in terms of content. I would seriously balk at paying $60 for it, though. If it's out of print and just getting more and more expensive, you might as well let it go and hope it finds its way onto a digital distribution store of some kind. Maybe the WiiUShop will let you buy DS games and play them on the touchscreen controller (not holding my breath on that one).

I'm semi-certain there are core Suikoden games available on PSN for chump change that are compatible with the PSP. Unless that's not an option?

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@ArbitraryWater: Yes, I most certainly can help. Thanks for the heads-up.

@BigDaddy81: I wouldn't bother at that price. Suikoden Tierkreis isn't terrible, but it's not a great Suikoden game, as stated. Judged on its own merits, it's certainly a lengthy, sprawling RPG, but there's nothing about it that stands out from the crowd. The basic Suikoden elements have been streamlined to make it more appealing (to who, I have no idea). And by "streamlining," i mean "dumbed down." You still collect a bunch of characters, but there's no real purpose to it in this game, as there's no castle-building of note, no side wargames, and no real distinction between any of the characters, as most (if not all) of the True Runes have been eliminated. All the characters have a sameness about them, and the plot isn't quite good enough to merit getting invested into the game.

The original Suikoden is available on PSN here in the US for $10. If you're really interested in a more modern Suikoden experience, you can find copies of Suikoden V on Amazon for about $80, but that's a steep price to pay for a series if you aren't entirely sure what you're getting into. I'd recommend checking out Suikoden 1 first, and then seeing what you think. A new handheld Suikoden has either been released for handhelds or is in the works, but for now, it appears to be Japan-only.

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and +1 to what said

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Unless Krang is in the game.

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Thanks for the replies everyone. Guess I'll hold off for now and look into getting something else.

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Something about this game really held my attention. Played all the way through it a couple of years ago. Can't say I'd pay that much for it though.

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God I thought that game was awful. Although it was hysterical because everyone fast talks in that game as if the only way they could fit all the voice onto the cart was to have all the actors rush through their lines. It's hilarious, it's like they live in some world where the water is caffeinated.

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And just like that I have changed my mind and ordered the damn thing. I am so weak...

I tried browsing some other RPGs for the DS and nothing really stood out to me. I might pick up one of the Harvest Moon games later on (gonna be fun trying to decide which one to get) but other than that, nothing.

Oh well, what's the point of having money if you can't piss it away on overpriced games that you may or may not enjoy? God knows I've wasted money on stupider things. But judging from the feedback it doesn't sound like this game will be terrible, especially since I've never played a Suikoden game and therefore have no preconceived notions about the game.

And again, thanks everyone for replying and giving your thoughts. Guess I just needed more to be talked out of getting the game.

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Buy it and sell it later.
EDIT: Oh, you bought it already.

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@BigDaddy81: If you've run out of DS RPGs to play that you had to pay $60 for Tierkreis, then you've got problems.

If you're looking for a DS HM to pick up I'd suggest Sunshine Islands, Wind Bazaar, Tale of Two Towns (The DS version is better than the 3DS version), or Rune Factory 3. RF3 is basically the same thing as a HM, except that you can also punch monsters, and some of the marriage candidates are half-monster.

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@sodacat said:

some of the marriage candidates are half-monster.

Which half?

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@sodacat: I would say it's more like none of the other games are really popping out at me at the moment. I looked into the Suikoden game a lot and it looks really good to me and I remembered always hearing good things about the franchise. Even if this one doesn't measure up to the others in the series it still looks like it will be fun.

After evaluating my finances for the year and realizing that Borderlands 2 will probably be the last game I get this year, $60 didn't feel like it would hurt too much. And like I said, I've pissed away money on way stupider things.

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@BigDaddy81: I just hope you've already played Radiant Historia.

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@sodacat: Playing it right now, then I'm gonna pop in the World Ends With You.

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I loved it! I just wish it was more like the main games.

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@BigDaddy81: Well in that case you've at least got the two best RPG offerings on the DS. You'll be fine.

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No. It's worth 20$ at best.