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So coming hot of the heels of the European Speedster Assembly which did speed runs to raise money for Doctors without Borders comes Summer Games Done Quick 2013.

If you aren't familiar with Speed Demo Archive's past events you can head over to their webpage and check out some of the archives of past events. One of the most notable runs of the previous event being Zelda OoT in just over 20 minutes! So if you have some free time anywhere in between the 25th and 29th. Watch and Donate to this great cause! I'll post the links for everything below. And here is a trailer for the event this year.

I know the previous event earlier in the year was a huge success and raised over 400k for a cancer charity. Its also a ton of fun to watch these guys do their thing!


Where to watch: http://www.twitch.tv/speeddemosarchivesda

Website: http://marathon.speeddemosarchive.com/

Schedule: http://marathon.speeddemosarchive.com/schedule

Donate: (Link forthcoming)

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An hour Amnesia speedrun would be fantastic. I'm sure I must have cowered in a corner for more than an hour. Actually, I'm sure I spent more than an hour in that huge dark room D:

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@beachthunder: Ive tried several times to play that game which always ends up with my bravado being smashed to bits in about 5 minutes and me going NOPE! The guys at ESA also did a Amnesia run as well as a Penumbra speed run as well. Its a lot of fun to watch these guys run these games. Next to fighting game tourneys speed run marathons are the best especially when someone manages to set a world record.

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Yes! Can't wait. The most recent AGDQ was the first time I had seen one of these and it kept me entertained for weeks after it happened. I look forward to an absurd amount of games done quick once again.

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@superwristbands: Yep. One of the more interesting choices on thr schedule (at least to me) is Nier. I can't wait to see that. Im also interested to see Comix Zone. I could barely beat the first stage as a kid.

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I've always been fascinated with the idea of speedruns, but there is no way I could ever do one. Spending that much time with one game sounds insane to someone as unable to sit still as me. Still very fun to watch though.

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I enjoy a good skill-based speed run, but it's also great watching these guys break the shit out of these games with exploits.

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@superwristbands: Yep. One of the more interesting choices on thr schedule (at least to me) is Nier. I can't wait to see that.

Mhmm. I wonder if they are going for Ending D or if just any ending will suffice. Also this got me thinking about someone speed running a text adventure. That with the live commentary style of these "Done Quick" marathons could be preeeetty cool.

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Quick bump and reminder to everyone this thing starts in 5 1/2 hours!

Head over to the twitch page or the speeddemos home page to watch.

I'm sadly going to have to miss the first 4-5 hours since I'll be at work but I've got the next two days off which is great!

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MSF is a pretty worthy charity. Just make sure you're donating to Médecins Sans Frontières and not Militaires Sans Frontières, as I hear the latter is a violent terrorist group led by a filthy American traitor.

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@dochaus: Ha! I see what you did there. ;)

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Hey duders, I was thinking cos SDA takes donations to name characters in games, perhaps we could all work together and get a character named Taswell? Don't know what game would be a good idea but it's for a good cause and would be a nice way to remember Ryan. If you have any ideas for which game to donate to just say.

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I think Dave Long, most famous for The Lang Zone, donated earlier.

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I think I ended up watching most of the archives of the January event thanks to the GB duders. It''l be awesome to catch it live this time around. I'm already planning some donations. I'm also planning not sleeping for five days. Oh god.

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@demoskinos: It was thanks to GB watching the Castlevania speed run on Unprofessional Friday that got me in to this stuff anyway. Would be nice to give back some how haha.

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Yusssss finally home! Now time to watch some muthafuggin speedruns!

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Super Hyped to see this Metal Gear Solid speedrun!

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Metal Gear Solid run on now! The Amnesia run is quite ridiculous, if you haven't seen it you're in for a treat. :D

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Ok, I put in 5 bucks to name Cid from FF4 as Taswell. Think it fits pretty well.

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Resident Evil Code Veronica being speed run with a fight stick!

@handsomemuffin:that's awesome duder.

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Well, I've got my weekend planned now.

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@demoskinos: Ah thats awesome! My nets been a bit janky tonight so I missed it :[

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Amnesia is going on now, I really enjoy these marathons, just not the chat or donation comments (with the exception of the Taswell donation that was awesome).

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@handsomemuffin: That's awesome. Any other duders looking to do the same, you can now just pick the option to name Cid Taswell from the Bidding Challenges/Choices menu when you donate. So get on it!

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Back from work now. YSG fuck some bitches yet?

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Hotline Miami run in progress right now! ♥

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Fucking some dudes up in memory of Ryan Davis. Who here on the site made the donation?

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They just received a donation in Ryan's name for Hotline Miami. Glad to see that.

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Hotline Miami runner giving some love "Let's bash some heads in for Ryan Davis" talking about how he loved the game and the quick look. So great.

Edit: The runner was in fact @duke_bilgewater, really great run duder.

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Jesus christ this Hotline Miami run is just amazing!

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Luigi's Mansion next!

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Holy crap someone donated $2700 during the Hotline Miami run! O___O

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That chat blew up with Ryan love after that donation was made. <3

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@herbiebug: Fuuuuuuuck I fell asleep for a bit. Totally missed that.

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Are we concentrating our efforts on Cid as Taswell? Definitely want my donation to go towards something Ryan related, so I want it to go where it has the best chance of succeeding

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@thebeastwithtwobacks: That already has $25 on it so I'd say that is the best chance we have right now.

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That Hotline Miami run was fucking amazing. I think I died more on each individual stage than that guy did in the entire run.

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This is a really cool group of people. I started following some of them after AGDQ and they've all been totally awesome answering my newbie questions about shit.

I'll definitely throw some money towards the Taswell name.

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Teh Urn was more beautiful than I could've ever imagined.

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This Catechumen game is fucking weird and I've never heard nor seen it before.

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That Hotline Miami run was fucking amazing. I think I died more on each individual stage than that guy did in the entire run.

I just looked at the archived run and maaan that was pretty crazy.

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@deathpooky said:

That Hotline Miami run was fucking amazing. I think I died more on each individual stage than that guy did in the entire run.

I just looked at the archived run and maaan that was pretty crazy.

Just finished watching it myself and yeah...crazy. Also, oh god that blind mask. I don't even know how he played that bonus level.

Might have to go re-watch the QL now, though.

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I've been watching this on and off since yesterday, quite enjoying it. I think I'll probably go back and watch some of the archives once its all over.

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Okay, awake and ready for Day 2! I can't wait for this Nier run today!

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Oh man, I loved this Spider-Man game as a kid!

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Ive stopped for a while to watch the Shadowrun Returns quick look but its been nice just leaving the speed run stream open on my second screen while im playing FTL.

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This Nier speedrun is pretty cool. I'm thinking I finally need to beat this.