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Hello Internet!

How do you plan on spending your Sunday night? 

I'm planning on heading over to Subway to grab myself a Roasted Chicken sub, then I plan on digging into Final Fantasy IV as much as I can.  I really wanted to pick up Soul Calibur IV this weekend but I have such a huge backlog so I decided to hold off.  Other than that, I might do up some Geometry Wars 2 Retro Evolved and Puzzle Quest. 

Btw, add me up on Live if you want another person on your GeoWars2 leaderboards.  GT = Kim Fidler
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Watching the Design Star season finale on HGTV of course.

And maybe some Metal Gear Online after.

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Design Star?  Damn, my girlfriend watches that.  Which means, I will not be leaving the games room tonight.

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I'm gonna watch Everybody loves raymond and then play Metal Gear Solid: portable ops.

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My Sunday's pretty much done. It's a little past midnight over here. =P