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I saw Club Nintendo was offering Super Mario RPG and it got me thinking how much I love that game. I just love the vibrant colors, the music, and the intro is still mind-blowing to me.

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This game is probably my most favorite on the SNES. I was lucky enough to have awesome parents to buy it for my birthday when I was a kid. It took me years to find out that they bought it for $100 and felt kinda bad asking for it lol.

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All I remember about it is that Geno was pretty bitching. Why don't you use him more often, Square-Enix?

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if i love the gamecube paper mario would i love this?

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Yeah, I remember the game as well. It was pretty good.

I'm sorry, where's the discussion?

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I picked it up on Club Nintendo, though I might not get around to playing it for a while. Really looking forward to it!

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I've already played through that game about 3 times over the years. It's fucking quality- though I'm not sure if it's actually better than the (first two) Paper Mario games- 'cause they're pretty great, too.

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This game is basically the only reason I want a SNES VC on the 3DS.

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@thoseposers said:

if i love the gamecube paper mario would i love this?

If you like the Paper Mario games, I would definitely recommend trying out Super Mario RPG. It's quite a bit different than Paper Mario, but there are certainly some common elements in the gameplay and tone that you'll find in both.

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I happily still have my old cartridge. Actually been thinking about giving it another go, since it's been awhile.

if i love the gamecube paper mario would i love this?

I made the leap from loving Super Mario RPG to loving the Paper Mario series as well, so... there's that. You're not guaranteed to like both by any means, since they're pretty different beasts. But if you can find it for a price reasonable to you, it's worth giving a shot.

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I actually just played my SNES copy about a week ago when I broke out my SNES to play Yoshi's Island. Easily one of my favorites, it has a nice unique feel to it. I just feel bad that the cover on my cart is ripped along the top where it bends.

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Oh man. I was thinking about this this morning for some reason. RIP Squaresoft...

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To be honest I have been disappointed with the last 2 Paper Mario games. I got bored with Super Paper Mario and the 3DS Paper Mario was a letdown.

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I've had an itch to play through this game again recently. Over the years I've probably played through it like 5 times at least. It's absolutely fantastic. Gun to my head, probably my favorite game of all time. Fuck Chrono Trigger, this is the best RPG on the SNES.

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Super Mario RPG is great! One of my top 10 games. It's got an excellent soundtrack too. I always felt like the Mario and Luigi games were more like Super Mario RPG than Paper Mario was, given that they are more stat and equipment based.

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Did you know that those bonus stats you get to choose after each level up are setup so they offer higher bonus stats for certain selections on each level? Level 2 offers increased bonus magic attack, level 3 offers increased bonus attack, etc.

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Yeah, it's really good. So is Superstar Saga. I couldn't really get into the Paper Mario games though.

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I've only bought two Wii VC games ever, Mario World & SMB3, both games had terrible graphical glitches across the screen, whether component or composite, 480i or 480p, widescreen or 4:3. Even my TV, which zooms 4:3 exactly to 16:9, left strange bars around the image as if the games themselves weren't really 4:3 originally. The glitching is constant, and takes up a whole vertical bar of like the last 30-50 lines of resolution, with a pixelated purple inverse color look. Are all VC games this way? Do I really need to plug the wii into an old tube TV to enjoy em?

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It's no Paper Mario, but SMRPG is all right. Which, I guess that's all this thread is about.

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SMRPG was fantastic back in the day but doesn't hold up nearly as well now. Still fun but not up to the level of the Paper Mario games (especially TTYD).

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I never played SMRPG but love the Mario and Luigi games and the first two Paper Mario games (talk about a series that has gone downhill). I do want to play SMRPG sometime though...

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SMRPG was fantastic back in the day but doesn't hold up nearly as well now. Still fun but not up to the level of the Paper Mario games (especially TTYD).

I am playing Fire Emblem on GCN but when I finish I am considering playing TTYD again. I still think it is a top 5 Gamecube game.

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I would love if a Super Mario RPG 2 was made someday. (A Square made one.)

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It's one of my all time favorite games. More people should play it, especially JRPG fans. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga is better though.

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I sure would love to play this game and join in with the appreciation thread, but I have 190 club nintendo coins. Super Mario RPG costs 200. This is bullshit.

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The game was cool although that Yoshi rhythm race was impossible for me to do. As far as Mario RPGs however I think Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga was my favorite.

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I guess it took this thread to make me think about this, but Mario RPGs are fucking great aren't they? I haven't even played Super Mario RPG, but Paper Mario (the first two (I like Super Paper Mario but it's hardly an RPG)) and Mario & Luigi are goood.

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Even though I finished the game, I didn't like it. What I didn't like about it I don't remember so don't ask.

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