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i voted for deus ex

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I'm gonna go with Bastion

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Deus Ex right now, but I think Dead Island will beat it once I recieve my copy of that on Monday. Super-stoked for that game.

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Mass Effect 2 was released for PS3 this year...




But as thats not here, I am going to go with Dead Island.

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I'm kind of disappointed that Witcher 2 isn't on that list, as that is my choice.

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Easily Portal 2.

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The Witcher 2. Which you left off of your listen for some reason.

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gemini rue

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I found Portal 2 the most complete experience thus far this year.

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Ghost Trick. The 2nd would be Catherine. Both are not on your list, which I guess is a testament to how non-common my tastes are.
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Ghost Trick:Phantom Detective was really good

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Street FIghter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition... obviously. lol

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inFamous 2, Portal 2 and Ghost Trick.
Why did I pick more than one game? Because fuck you, that's why.

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What? Nobody's said El Shaddai? You are all terrible people.

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And of course The Witcher 2 is no where to be found on your list...... : /

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I liked Portal 2 a lot.

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Of what I have played, Mortal Kombat was the most fun I had.  Portal 2 was the best game I have played.  I imagine if I had played Dead Island that would replace Mortal Kombat as the most fun I have had.

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Of the ones I have played this year I would say that Dead Island is the top game for me.

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Dungeons of Dredmor, son.

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I absolutetly loved Portal 2. But Deus Ex: Human Revolution has given me more playtime, I'm nearing 50 hours now. I voted for HR but I could have easily voted for P2 as well.

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You included Duke Nukem Forever but not Ocarina of Time? What?

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Out of the games listed, Alice: Madness Returns. Other than that, Xenoblade Chronicles.

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I am going to get a lot of shit for this but Dragon Age 2 was my favourite.

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it was between Bastion and Deus Ex, howver i haven't finished Deus Ex yet, so i voted Bastion, incredible game

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Catherine which you... left out of the poll.

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3rd strike online!

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Very much Mortal Kombat.

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The Witcher 2.

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My favourite experience with a game this year has been with Bastion.

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I voted MK. 
@Cincaid said:

Deus Ex right now, but I think Dead Island will beat it once I recieve my copy of that on Monday. Super-stoked for that game.

I'll get my first chance to play that game on Monday, and even ordered a 360 controller because of the quick look and Brad's explanation of the gameplay with one.  Here's hoping it won't be a huge letdown.  
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@Vorbis said:

The Witcher 2.

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The Sims Social (though i've enjoyed Dirt 3 and Mortal Kombat a great deal)

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Portal 2 is currently my favorite at the moment.
Although, Killzone 3, Mortal Kombat, and Infamous 2 were great as well.

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inFAMOUS 2. It'll be a quick disposition once the October/November release horde begins its march, however.

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Deus Ex.

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Deus EX easily for me. But the best games are coming in the next few months that will most likely change

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Mortal Kombat

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Bastion was the last new game i played. Im at college so i wont be able to catch up till....December??

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Why is DNF on the list, but WWe All Stars not?

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Portal 2 was really great, but I voted for Mortal Komabt due to the number of hours I've sunk into it--especially since I plan to continue playing for many hours more.

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Mortal Kombat. Portal 2 is a close second, and I haven't tried out the new Deus Ex or Bastion yet though I hope to remedy one or both of those next paycheck.

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I voted Bastion, but that's very much an "in-the-moment" vote. Also, I haven't played nearly enough El Shaddai or The Witcher 2, and depending on the rest of the year Marvel vs. Capcom 3 or MK9 might make a comeback.

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@FluxWaveZ said:

Ghost Trick. The 2nd would be Catherine. Both are not on your list, which I guess is a testament to how non-common my tastes are.

I very seriously thought about choosing Catherine, and I'm extremely conflicted about that game. The high points are absolute brilliance for me, but I found the low points to be only slightly better than most of Duke Nukem Forever. Also, Ghost Trick is very compelling, but a little repetitive, and Chapter Nine's puzzle (the dark prison sequence) is BEYOND PAINFULLY FRUSTRATING. I actually stopped playing at that point, so my perspective on the game as a whole might be void.

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I can't decide! I replayed deadspace2 though, which is rare for me.

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I'm going to go with Infamous 2. I loved Portal 2 and I think while I was playing it I was having more fun laughing at the humor, but I have way more hours in on Infamous 2.