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I'm one of the very few that is pretty well bought into the Microsoft ecosystem with a Windows Phone, Win 8 and a realistic chance that I will actually buy a Surface. I was playing with a Surface RT at one of the pop-up stores in Chicago, and of course I used Giantbomb as one of my test sites...and got a message about getting the updated version of Flash to stream any of the videos.

Sad fact is that the since GB wouldn't stream, that actually put a serious damper on my excitement to buy one. There are plenty of other logical reasons, of course, but this actually impacted my totally emotional urge to just get the pretty new thing.

I haven't seen any mention of the Surface RT elsewhere, so I was just wondering if anyone knows if there are workarounds to get streaming to work, or will RT always be incapable of streaming. One benefit is I could still download the video files from wifi and watch them on the device (yay for file management), but that's not quite the same.

Anyway, another reason to hold out and save up for a Pro...but still, if the urge hits to get an RT, I want to know if there might be a solution for streaming from GB.


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I actually haven't read anything about that. Seems odd since it is just IE. Might be an update waiting to happen. I myself won't get any surface but the pro if I get one.

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Yeah - I would totally wait for the pro although it may be 2x the price of the RT version. I mean, the surface is competing to be a laptop replacement. With that mindset in mind, why would you settle for anything less than a traditional/cheaper laptop? I use adobe programs a whole lot so it's a huge factor for me.

The only upside I can say about the current RT version is that the hard-type keyboard feels pretty good and snappy.

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@KirePDX: I'd wait for "full" Surface that comes out later. Surface with Windows RT is still a gimped version of it, and it does have Flash issues. Surface with Windows 8 Pro will have full Flash support and handle any sites a Windows 7 computer can handle, including Giant Bomb.

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I think you guys are generally right that it's best to wait for the Pro Surface to come out; but I did get the impression that the RT isn't quite as gimped as it seems (I may be rationalizing here). As long as it gets the key parts of the Office Suite (word, excel and PPT) and the documents are compatible between versions, then it's pretty much good to go to match my personal and work needs.

I'm thinking of this from the perspective of a potential $300 - $500 difference between the base models (I'm just guessing there). The Surface is absolutely more capable, but I'm not entirely sure it's worth the cost.

All that said, you guys have wisely walked me back from the edge, so I'll at least wait until the Pro is out to make a judgement. I'm sure I'll get frustrated by RT's mobile-base quirks and will kick myself if I buy it too soon. Thanks for the input.