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Geez, I thought the spambots with their live streaming links to sporting events were bad the past few months...

Tonight has been especially ridiculous. Multiple new users posting threads so you can watch the Super Bowl onlline... cause it's not like it's on basic cable or anything.

So I guess the point of discussion is this: What exactly is the deal with this crap, and what can be done about it? Because, seriously, I feel like the Mods on this Site have some of the best users, and for a large part are here to keep people from going into internet rage mode or whatever, not continuously police the threads for these dumb advertisements for crappy streaming sites.

Anyways, Mods: We appreciate your hard work, anything we can do to keep the Bomb as awesome as possible, let us know!

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I prefer sour Jesus myself.

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Not much can be done about it. Legitimate people create accounts and then link them to spam bots.

You could impose a restriction on new accounts creating threads, but then they may just create accounts, wait a week, and then use them for spam.

Dirtbags: what're ya gonna do...?

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@Canteu: Yea, I actually remember when that thread started. Just kinda blown away that earlier this evening there were at least 10 or so "Watch the Super Bowl Online OMG GDKGDKK!!!!!!??!?!?!" threads.

Thought all that was behind us... oh well, so whats the next big sporting event I can watch online?

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@RawknRo11a said:

Thought all that was behind us... oh well, so whats the next big sporting event I can watch online?

Aw dang, it's the Daytona 500 YEEHAW Dale Jr. All the links will be typed with southern accents, and Brad will be the spambot.

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this is why I love you duders! This has made my night.

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