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Syndicate might be the only reason I ever start using Origin again. Was a fun game.

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If you have the money there's pretty much no reason to not do this. What's $5? A trip to a fast food place? Don't be silly, buy a great game instead.

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$5 too much.

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show up 15 pounds for me..damn

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@zenmastah: I should have mentioned it states the sale is for Canada and the US only.

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Would like to buy this but right now i cant out of principle, i just have too many unfinished games. 5 dollars is a good deal though

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I had bought it at $6.50 awhile ago. 45 minutes after playing, I regretted even a $1 spent on it. Terrible awful lighting effects (maybe they confused the flash bang effect with normal lighting source), map design, encounter design, shooting feel, and story.

Though it is difficult to make co-op horde mode type gameplay completely flat, so maybe that is decent.

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show up 15 pounds for me..damn

Same. :/ Though it's always been around £5 or less on Amazon when I've checked so I might bite anyway.

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so either jeff is off his gourd or he's the only one who really knows what's what.

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They want ME to pay $5 to install Origin. Yeah, No. Give me $80 and 8-10 free games and maybe we can talk terms.

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I just did it. Pumped to play it after hearing so much good stuff about it from GB.

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Banned in Aussieland.

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Bad game

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Wouldn't play it for free

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Oh yeah, you just reminded me I own this. I tend to forget about Origin games I pick up on sale.

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I personally liked the game. Umm... did anyone else find the DART voice kinda hot?

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Not the worst game in the world, but it definitely caught at a bad time when a ton of 4 player co-op games were coming out and Resident Evil O:RC was one of them, got all the hype and turned out to be a terribad game which burnt alot of folks. That and all the old-school Syndicate fans had a DMC sized hissy-fit that it was an FPS. If you're looking for co-op and doing the same missions over and over again, you'll get some enjoyment, but the story is pretty much nonsense and it's really short.