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Just wondering how many of you out there take breaks from video games. Do you find it hard to go back to ones you paused? I'm playing Resonance of Fate at the same time I'm playing the Witcher 2, and I've hit a wall with Resonance, thinking it's time to leave it for a bit. What do you guys do?

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Power through it, you're almost done.

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Resonance of Fate is not a very compelling game, its funny, and it is interesting, but there is nothing to propel you forward.

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I took a break from Uncharted the first time I played it. Didn't touch it until Uncharted 2 came out, which I finished in a day. Turns out I was only about 15-20 minutes away from the ending. That's a rare case, usually it's hard to jump back into a game. I think I've played the first 10 hours of Persona 3 about 4 times.

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I'm trying to be the top racer for Michigan in Trackmania 2, yeah, i might want to take a break seeming I am only 21st and I've been playing constantly since February.

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I've taken a break from console gaming, at the very least. I got a half-decent laptop recently, so I've been tapping into my Steam account much more often. I've definitely gone through periods of not playing anything at all, though. It usually depends on how busy I am in general.

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I've hit a couple of walls with games, most notably Neverwinter Nights 2 around the Crossroad Keep (this time I'll fucking play the entire game if it kills me). But the time where i can't play any game whatsoever is the more common one. Then i just do other shit.

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I've taken breaks from playing a few times a  year but I always finish the game I'm on first.  Good reason why I only play one game at a time.  Never know when you'll hit that wall.

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Take a month off. Realize how amazing [old game you played once and didn't absorb completely] was, replay it, enjoy it and feel re-inspired.

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Usually I take actual breaks from just gaming. I stopped playing my PS3 for a while and just used it for netflix. I just finished Batman Arkham City after a 4 month hiatus from it.

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I've taken a break from Skyrim for a long time now. I just got to a point where it all felt so overwhelming and I didn't even want to bother with the story or another f'ing dungeon. I'm 74 hours in. I'm sure I'll get back into it at some point.

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@BestUsernameEver: I can't increase my rankings much more these days, and I haven't played in sometime now, which means competition is just getting better while I'm stagnant.

Maybe I'll just find the weakest state, move there and start over. Seems reasonable, no?

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I'm getting to that point with SC2 right now. I didn't play for a month because of finals and now I'm so rusty that I'm getting dominated in every game.  I might just not play for this season and either quit for a bit or just play customs until I'm not terrible again.

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I take a break from games sometimes. I think FFX and FF12, Metroid Prime 2, Halo 2, and more recently Darksiders all come to mind as games I took a break from for various reasons.

How hard it is to jump back in to one I left off depends on the game itself. After leaving of FF12 for instance was very intimidating to get back into, because I left off at a part that was a bit hard, and the mechanics of that game were so unique to it that it took me years to pick it back up and finish it off even though I fucking loved that game. Metroid Prime 2 was also intimidating so I just decided to restart rather than try to pick up where I left off. Halo on the other hand, was no problem, after I remembered where the grenade button was. Still haven't gotten back to Darksiders yet...

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To each his own, but Resonance of Fate made me want to dig my eyes out with a rusty spoon.

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I take breaks from a lot of games. Mostly JRPG's because they are so friggin long. I just finished Persona 3 a few weeks ago after having stopped playing for a year, and finished Skyward sword a few days ago after not playing since it was released. The main reason I stop playing a game isn't quality necessarily, though Skyward Sword's motion controls can fuck right off. There are new games coming out every week and I can't just stick with one until completion otherwise I'll miss and forget about the ones that came out while I was playing said game. I'm happy that games are shorter these days. That means I can finish them up in 2 or 3 days and have 3 or 4 days to go back and play the ones I've shelved.

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I have a new daughter (7-months) so I take breaks a lot :P

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Eh, if I don't want to play a game anymore I stop playing it. If I feel like playing it again (usually many months or years later) I just start over.

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I just play games when I want to play games.

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@mustachioeugene: Yeah, lets pack up to alaska. Wait, maybe they're all staying indoors playing trackmania 2 because its so damn bear-y outside. Well, where is the weakest state? I must know.

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If I take a break from a game there is a very strong chance that I won't return to it. That's just the way it is for me.

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I go through phases where I just don't feel like playing anything, but I find that usually someone has to kick start it....

My 360 died a couple of months ago just as I was starting something new, and that's when that feeling struck me. I could have just switched to my PC or PS3 and played something else or get the Xbox fixed/replaced, but I didn't feel an urge to do either, instead I opted to 'take a break'.

I haven't played a thing in ages.

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I took a 6 month break from Mass Effect 2 and didn't pick it up again until ME3 came out. Now I'm kind of stuck in the same place with ME3. There are a lot of choices to make in the game where I am, and my real life has gotten so busy that I don't have any desire to keep going right now. I pretty much just put in any mindless shooter I can find for now, but I'll get back to it eventually.

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I take breaks from games all the time. Some I finish and some I don't. I took a month away from Skyward Sword because I bought Deus Ex. I then took a break from that game to finish Skyward Sword. I also bought the Witcher 2 last year for the PC, but couldn't find myself engaged with it. I bought the 360 version and can't put it down.

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I thought this would be another "my girlfriend told me we're on break, what does it mean?" thread.

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I generally try to finish one game at a time especially if they are story driven. If i'm bored with a game, I'll stop and either forget about it or start it over again at a different time. It all depends on the type of game for me.

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@JantShira: I'd be careful. Resonance is not an easy game to come back to especially when you're in the latter parts of it and haven't played in months.

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@JantShira: I sell them thru craigslist or swap with a friend when I don't feel like playing them anymore.

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i'm thinking about taking one. i've been playing a lot of games lately. who knows.

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It really depends on the game. If it is interesting and fun, I'll go through it and only pause or take a break to sleep or do something important.

On the other hand, if the game is sp-so or just not interesting, I'll take a break and might not get around to it for a while, if ever again. case in point: Singularity. Bought it used or $15, played about the first hour of it and then moved on to something else. Haven't went back in over a year now.

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I've been taking a break from Dead or Alive 4 since 2006.

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i take a break from too many games... if i get stuck or don't feel compelled to play i just leave the games alone. i usually start playing after a few months of break.

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I make it a point to never play then 1 game at a time unless the 2nd game isn't super duper story driven like for instance i am playing Skyrim/L.A Noire and i play a case of L.A noire every other day while powering through Skyrim.

If i play more then 1 heavy story game i will get lost within a week and it's why i haven't even bothered with Witcher 2 yet, i got through the tutorial and said fuck it i will wait till MP3 coems out and i burn through that in 1-2 days then play Witcher2/Diablo3.

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I've been playing Dark Souls for seven months. It's the only game I can take breaks from and come back without feeling like I've lost anything, except my sense of self worth.

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Depends on the game for me. I've been playing Dark Souls for months; I play for a while, and then I play something else, then come back to it.

Most games I tend to just plow through one at a time, though.

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Yeah I have a hard time sticking to one game at a time, so I end up with a few on the go. I've left a few and not gone back, like Nier and Catherine. But I think I'll go back to Resonance eventually. For now The Witcher 2 is pretty awesome.

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Man it's a video game. Play whatever you feel like playing it really is not a big deal at all.

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@JantShira said:

Just wondering how many of you out there take breaks from video games. Do you find it hard to go back to ones you paused?

Yeah I get burnt out when I go marathoning or grinding too much. After I finish my current burn I'll probably take a couple weeks off from gaming.

Do you find it hard to go back to ones you paused?

yup extremely, I tend to be an all or none guy. If I don't pound my way completely through a game every day when I'm in the zone, I'll usually just stop and never go back. I've gotten better about this as I've gotten older.

What do you guys do?

I wouldn't reccommend anyone do what I do (sleep less, skip meals if need be until I finish).

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when I was a teen, I played every action game on hard, and 100 percented every adventure game.

In my 20's I played fewer games, but I still finished most. At some point I turned the difficulty down. And then there was some tactics game that kicked my ass, and I quit.

In my 30's I play more games, since I had more money, but I finished few, because I have less time.

As I approach 40, I am being more careful about what I buy, and am more realistic about what I will enjoy/finish.

You don't owe a game you buy anything. If you no longer enjoy it, uninstall it/give it away/sell it back.

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Arkham City is still gathering dust in my PS3.

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Most of the time if I take a break from a game there is a reason. Like it sux or perhaps I'm just not in the mood for that sort of thing right now. But the problem is when I take said break, I almost never go back to it. So my advice is to power through. It would be better to not have fun for a couple of hours than to not finish the game at all.