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Tekken 6 Tips: The Easiest Tekken 6 Combo Ever!

Use this combo with Christine Monteiro or Eddy Gordo To Get Good Real Fast!

Christine Monteiro and Eddy Gordo basically have the easiest combo you can do in Tekken 6. What's good about it is that it hits the opponent with both high and low attacks at different times, so its real hard for opponents to really get a grasp of. I've gotten guys really upset at me for using this combo. Now you can use it too! But first, lets get to some Tekken basics.

  • Hold Controller with Fingers in "Tapping" Position

irst things first, you need to know how to properly hold the controller when playing Tekken. Most games have you using your right thumb to press buttons on the right side of the controller. For example, Street Fighter has you using your left thumb to move the character using the left stick, and your right thumb to press either a weak, strong or fierce punch/kick. Tekken shouldn't be played with the thumb controlling the punch or kick buttons; it's just not the same type of game. Instead, the buttons on the right side of the controller should be controlled with your two fingers, that is, the index and middle finger. Here's why. Each button on the right side of the controller corresponds to one of the arms or legs of your fighter. For example, on an Xbox controller, the X button punches the left arm and the Y button punches the right arm. Also, the A button kicks the left leg and the B button kicks the right leg. Since this is the case, it is actually easier to play Tekken by using your right hand's index and middle finger to tap the buttons instead of just your single thumb. This gives you the ability to hit multiple buttons a lot faster when playing, which will in turn, lead to easier wins for you!

Now, on to the combo. For those of you with a Playstation, the X on the Xbox is Square on the Playstation controller. Y is Triangle, A is X and Y is Circle.

  • The Combo

Forward (hold it down for the rest of the combo), X, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, Y ... repeatedly until your opponent is dead. After pressing forward at the beginning of the combo, make sure to start with "X." This combo looks really easy to enter, and it is! However, onscreen, it can be devastating to your opponents because this combo starts high and mixes various high and low hits that are hard to block.

You can also make the combo start with a low hit to switch things up with your opponent by starting the combo with

Y, X, Forward (hold it down for the rest of the combo), X, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, Y .... make sure to start the combo with "Y, X." After the first two buttons of this combo, the combo really just goes back to pressing the buttons of the above original combo.

Do this combo! It matters less that it's easy to enter and matters more that it is devastating against other fighters! Do it and you'll see what I mean! For some reason, the makers of Tekken made Christine Monteiro & Eddy Gordo really easy to string combos for. You'll find this is one of the most powerful and easiest combos you'll ever pull off in any fighting game and your opponents will hate you for it!


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I can just block punish you whenever necessary, use a crush move, or dash back enough for a whiff punish for an actual combo. I might do a low parry for laughs.

I rather be learning actual Capo combos...

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This topic helped me win at drunk tekken after a marathon CAH session. Thanks, random internet spam guy.

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@mb: Don't necro!

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@mb: I just imagined a guy in a cape flying off all "mission accomplished" like.

Thank you random internet spam guy! You truly saved the day!

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Steve Fox will knock your ass out!

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Hey I was just playing Tekken 6 earlier, thanks random internet spam guy!

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This is silly, anyone who did that against a decent enough player would get low parried and stomped into the ground.

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I'm glad there's a tip to hit buttons faster. Now the wins are rolling in!