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Hey i know this is for tested but i can't find their support link - my login for subscription doesnt work anymore, i thought the logins where remaining the same?!

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yeah I know how you feel buddy this is a much more organized place at this point (their forums are messed up and you can't view profiles etc) I'm reading more and more of the few responses people give to these sort of questions on the tested forums though and they all seem to suggest things will be fixed in a week or so. and yeah there really is no functioning community on tested right now with the poorly working tools they have sorry.

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@VisariLoyalist: hey thanks man - at least i know its not just me!

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I just logged in without any problems. Maybe try it again now?

But my God has that site changed.

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Something may be wrong with the login server at Tested. It took me three tries using Lastpass to log in.

Give it some time, the forums are completely fucked over there at the moment.

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I also can't log in

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In case anyone is trying to log in with their WM login (email address), the site seems to be on the local login system (username is your username, not email addy; possibly with your old Tested password but I'm not sure as my WM and Tested passwords were the same). Although I get the feeling there may also have been a few issues with the import process (forum is broken, seems to have solved showing PMs as first posts but also killed the first post on threads imported to do it) so I wouldn't be surprised if some users didn't get imported correctly and can't log in.

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Yep, still an issues as far as I can tell. Must be taking the weekend off. ;(

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I'm not sure if this is the same problem, but, clear the cookie from your browser. I had the same login issue, then I cleared all my cookies. Then I can login.

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I was able to log in. But then, there's nothing else to my account when I do. No user profile page, or blog, or PM system, or anything.

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I'm happy to know it's not just me having problems loging in. I keep getting an 404 error.

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Has the subscriber feed stopped for anyone else? That used to be my primary way of getting the video content.

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@ApertureSilence: for tested? Yea its all gone. they mention on the forum that all the old feeds are down and the subcriber stuff is gone too, may return in the future.

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@kurtkless: Huh... ok. No more Tested on my Apple TV I guess.

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Keep getting a 404 when I try to login... it's too bad, as I'd probably use the site more now than I did before.

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I’m not geting 404 but getting invalid login or password and there is no “forgot your password” option ):

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@Pr1mus said:

I'm sure most people that can't login are doing the same mistake and typing their email address to log in like on giant bomb. You have to type in your username now.

I haven't been able to log in since the change either. Tried username and email. Tried making a new account, that didn't work cause my email/username already is in use (obviously). And as mentioned already there isn't even a fucking 'forgot your password?' option. How does something as basic as password recovery get overlooked?!

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I'm having the same issue, I'm hoping this is a short glitch. I never wrote much in the forums, but I did write a few things that are not totally shameful. ;-)

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I feel dumb...I wasn't reading the log in screen where it wanted my "user name" not my "e-mail" in the first space. I was so familar to the Whiskey sign-in process, I didn't read what teh new Tested site wanted. I feel like a chump, and rightfully so.

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To anyone getting the 404 error! Clear your tested cookies! It worked for me.

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Still no password recovery months later. And no support contact. I even tried tweeting at Will and nothing. :/